Sunday 31 December 2017

Goodbye 2017 - Hello 2018

Goodbye 2017 - Hello 2018

January 2017 - doesn't he look small xx

It's New Years Eve and as I look back over the year I think it's been a good year. Wet, cold and busy but good. Each year starts with the promise of a warm Spring and hot Summer and in about one year in twenty we get both! This year we had some sunshine early on and then rain.
At Newport Wetlands in April 2017 - still cold, wearing hat and thick coat

Grandad had a new hip in April and as I do not drive that kept us close to home for over six weeks. It was worth it though, the difference is amazing. I just wish he hadn't had to wait so long, and in pain.

Bear taking Grandad for a short walk after his hip operation
A week later and the cold and rain is back
Another week and we have a heat wave so paddling pool is the only way to keep cool (this is still May 2017)

The summer was mostly rain and cool, with a few days that were so hot we didn't like to venture out too far with Bear so spent them in the paddling pool in the garden.

We did get to visit the beach, castles and parks. We had a trip on the Cardiff Open Top Bus and visited museums and Cardiff Bay. I think taking Bear to Garwnant in the foothills of the Brecon Beacons refired my love of the mountains.

Ogmore by Sea - one of our favourite beaches - June 2017
July and it's Caerphilly Castle - the clouds are overhead and minutes later it was hammering down.

In August our family grew by one, Bee, a gorgeous brother for Bear. At four months old he is already showing us his personality. How different he is to Bear.

Bee, just a few hours old with Bear and his Daddy
For starters he is so much bigger, he is in clothes Bear wore at nine months old, which sadly meant that only Bears summer clothes fit and so his mummy has had to buy lots of new winter clothes.

He also moves, all the time. His legs kick, his arms wave. It's a real joy changing a dirty nappy with his little feet kicking away!

He laughs and talks. He knows that if he shouts "eh!" or similar then everyone will turn their heads and pay him attention. He's a clever Bee.

Bear has gone from toddler to boy. He has grown so much and chatters away where he was always quiet. He has had speech therapy as he has "word disorder" which basically means his pronunciation is wrong. He has worked so hard at it that he will be reviewed next year and may not need any more. It is still difficult for strangers to understand what he says out of context but he is getting so much better.

I have loved listen to him sing when he thinks no-one is watching.

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all way
Oh what fun is to ride on la la la la sleigh

(Hey! has to be sung very loud and with gusto)

He also sings that awful song "Daddy finger" but somehow it sounds lovely coming from him. His other favourites are The ABC song and Old McDonald. He likes to make up the words so Farmer McDonald has all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures on his farm. He often ends up laughing so much he can't sing.

Bear starts pre-school on the 8th January for five mornings a week. We are not convinced that it is the best thing - it's Welsh medium and none of us speak Welsh, which wouldn't be a problem if he didn't have trouble with his speech. Also, three is so young. If only he could go just for a couple of days a week and not every day. His Mummy and Daddy will wait and see how he settles, he may love it and get on great.

Gosh, they do make us worry.

What will 2018 bring?

I intend to walk much more, we are going to ensure we walk every week. We did it for years - rain or shine so it's just a matter of getting into the habit. We are so lucky having the mountains and the glorious coast so close.

I want to travel again. We used to go away at least three times a year and plan to have at least two holidays away. We stopped after my mother died, I find it really hard to spend time away from home. It's strange because I wasn't like that before at all. We would often go away for a weekend too, and usually it would be last minute or on the spur of the moment.

Our first opportunity will be in April while Bear visits his other family in Ireland, and I'd love to go back to Greece in September. It's the perfect place and September is a lovely time. The days are still warm, and more importantly the sea is warm too.

We lived on a Greek Island many years ago, I want to revisit before we are too old!

What else do we have planned?

Bears mummy will return to work in May so we will have Bear and Bee for four days, oh my, I hope we can cope! I think Bee will be crawling and if he is like his aunty he will almost be walking.

Children are so different - Bears daddy was quiet and crawled eventually and walked at 13 months. He liked to sit and play and was happy by himself. His sister, Bears aunty was a live wire from day one. She crawled at four and a half months and was walking (well more like running) at nine and a half months. She was so "naughty" too. She would get get bored in seconds, and you know what they say say about boredom and idle hands. Well I think Bee may be a little like her and we will be spending the summer running after him.

Bear and Bee - Christmas 2017 photo courtesy of their mummy PixieDoes
I am also going to plan my Christmas better. every year I leave it all to the last minute and get so stressed.
Not in 2018! You can join in too just click the link and follow me with Christmas Made Easy.

I hope your 2017 was good too and we all wish you a Happy New Year.



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