Wednesday 6 December 2017

Megableu Tumball Game - Review


Megableu Tumble Game - Review

Last week Bear was feeling very poorly, he had a nasty ear infection and nothing was distracting him. I had been sent the Tumball Game by Megableu to review* and so took it with me when I visited, not expecting him to want to play with it at all. How wrong I was! He loved it.

It's such a simple game. Coloured balls are hung from a plastic arm and white balls are gently placed on top. Eventually the weight of the white balls push the coloured balls apart and crash! The white balls all fall down.
Whoever makes the balls fall has to add them to theirs, the first person to get rid of all their balls is the winner.

It is aimed at five years and over but Bear, who is just three, loved playing it. He could thread the balls on the sticks and place them without knocking the balls down. He hasn't quite got the idea of taking turns yet, it is always his go and all the sticks and balls are his but he had so much fun.

Coloured balls hang from an arm

White balls are balanced on a stick and gently placed on top of the coloured balls

Bear  had no trouble threading the balls onto the sticks or placing them onto the coloured balls

Will this one make them all fall?
Megableu Tumball Game costs £17.99 but I noticed it's available on Amazon UK at the moment for £13.07. 
It's a great game, well made and would make a perfect Christmas or birthday present. A three year old managed to assemble it (with a little help) and played happily for ages. If your children are a little older than Bear it would make a good family game (I still have only been allowed to have one go).

Be aware that the balls could be a chocking hazard so keep away from children under 36 months.

*Disclosure - We were sent the game for the purpose of this post. All opinions are honest and my own.



  1. This looks like so much fun! I love games like this for Christmas!
    I hope Bear is feeling better now x

    1. It really is fun and thank you he is fit and well at the moment (fingers crossed)


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