Saturday 23 December 2017

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Christmas Made Easy

Christmas Made Easy if only that was possible. I'm sat here exhausted with only two days to go. I keep reading parents struggling to get the presents wrapped, the food shop bought and the stockings filled. It's such a busy and stressful time.

Even though I always plan to be more organised next year, it sort of creeps up on me. I suddenly realise it's too late to bake my own cake or steam my own pudding. My cards start arriving and I've missed the scout post and second class post again, so they all have to go first class knowing that some won't even make it until the New Year.

2018 is going to be different. I am going to plan it and stick with it. The difference is that I am going to share it with anyone who wants to join in. I'll send out a newsletter when appropriate (no spam - I promise) with alerts, tips and shopping lists.

I know it's my own fault, I hate the decorations going up in September and the stuff in the shops before Hallowe'en, which means I dig my heels in and leave everything to the last minute. You won't believe how many times have I dreaded the Christmas food shopping only to find that all my friends have booked their on-line delivery weeks ago.

Every year. Every year!

I am usually wrapping presents at midnight on Christmas Eve when I suddenly remember that I haven't bought for someone, I've forgotten to defrost the meat or send that card.

It would be OK if I didn't get stressed by it, if I had a "it'll be alright" attitude, but I don't. I used to, but nowadays I worry and that makes it worse, filling me with inertia. Too much to do so I do nothing.

Wouldn't it be great to get an email with a reminder to write the cards with tips on how to do it painlessly. Or recipes and timings for Christmas treats like Christmas pudding, mulled wine or sloe gin. I may not make them, I will probably buy my Christmas pudding but I'd like to decide rather than have to because it's Christmas Eve and it's too late to make my own.

This Christmas will be planned and stress free. Why not join me and subscribe to my newsletter
and I will send you alerts, tips, recipes - everything you need for a stress free Christmas.

What will you get?

Firstly you won't get spammed, or a newsletter every day. In fact for the most of the year you will forget I'm here, then in your inbox will be an alert!

Pick Sloes this week
Shop now for your Christmas Cake
Make your cake this week
Post the cards! (the ones that are already written, addressed and just waiting. Honest we can do it!).
Book your shopping slot

All the recipes and instructions for homemade products will be posted on the blog with links in the newsletter. The newsletter will contain extras such as shopping lists, a plan for a stress free Christmas dinner, tips, offers I've seen and lots more.

Some of the alerts you will get;
  • When to pick sloes for sloe gin
  • When to make raspberry vodka
  • How to organise your Christmas card list
  • When to stir the pudding (with shopping list)
  • When to bake the cake (with shopping list) with reminders to fortify it
  • Tips on buying presents
  • How to wrap awkward presents
  • When to send parcels and cards (overseas and UK)

2018 will be my first planned Christmas - join with me by subscribing below and make 2018 the best ever! If we fail it won't be for lack of trying.

Oh and Merry Christmas for 2017. Only two more sleeps to go!

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