Monday 14 November 2016

Painting and Playgrounds


The weather changed this week, it is still very sunny and quite dry but so cold! It didn't stop us getting out and having fun though so we went to Roath Park. We love Roath, it has safe paths for Bear to ride his bike and a great playground. There are also opportunities to feed ducks and in the summer go boating on the lake.

The playground was buzzing with happy children and the BBC. They were recording a piece for the news about smoking in public near children. We were asked if we minded being in the background and of course said we were OK with that but sadly we didn't make the final cut. I did give an interview for Heart Radio though and that was aired but I missed it. Oh well another day, another chance for fame.

In between our days out we do lots of crafts at home. This week was mostly painting. I had bought some paints and non-spill pots and they were perfect. Bear was very good keeping the correct brush in the correct pot too.


We are big fans of Hey Duggee, a CBBC programme. We love the badges they are awarded and are making our own badge board. Bear was earning his funny face badge before we added it to our board.

Pulling faces to gain the pulling faces badge

Bear seems to have chosen red as his favourite colour and whilst colouring in  his colouring book he paused to paint his nails. Beauty tips may soon be making their way to this page. Bear Does Beauty Lol.


We were invited to Techniquest as they have a new exhibit Imagination Playground. We just love Techniquest and if you haven't been do go, it's situated in Cardiff Bay and you can go in and out so it can be combined with lunch in the Bay.

Techniquest is hands on and so much fun 

Bear had been off his food and drink, actually not eating or drinking so we were doing our best to tempt him. fairy lights at snack time? Not that interested, oh well back to the drawing board.

Fairy lights do not make the meal interesting

Whats New This week?

Bear is chatting away and using the words he has to make us understand. He does make me laugh, he will say the same word again and again until I guess what it is. A bit like a Brit abroad except he doesn't get louder.

He has been able to wink for ages but this week it was as if he had suddenly discovered it. He came running in with one eye shut saying "eye shut!". My first thought was he'd done something to his eye but no, it was just controlled winking. Then when he went for his nap he shut his eyes and said "dark" It was as if he hadn't realised before that shutting his eyes made it dark.

Bear has a few words that are just his alone. Lots are the correct word but mis-pronounced such as moormeen and eebning (morning and evening) but some are his, a few I can think of are;

eer-it             Let me see it
eerazz           Hear
lowers (rhymes with flowers) Glasses as in spectacles
low (rhymes with cow)  Milk

Do your little ones have their own words for things?



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