Monday 28 November 2016

Mud and Music


It's been a wet and cold week so we have spent lots of time indoors. This has meant entertaining a toddler and we have done all the usual painting and drawing but also it has been a week of Mud and Music. Bear found my Christmas bells and was fascinated by them so we sang Jingle Bells, not once, no, but many many times.
I wanted to go to Marks & Spencer as I had seen some boots I liked and we are lucky to have an out of town store where the parking is free. It was an awful day and tipping with rain so I asked Bear to be really good, stay on the path and get straight into the car, no messing around. He almost did all of those things but managed to slip on the grass and get covered from head to toe in mud. He was wet right through so back into the house to change all his clothes and rub the mud from his hair.

The mud was everywhere but luckily it did wash out

We finally got to M&S and he was as good as gold. He has recently learnt the phrase "traffic jam" and when he saw the queues kept saying "traffic jam, traffic jam".  I thought that was a really clever and so cute, even the people in the queue smiled at him. On our way out he saw the ampersand and before I could stop him he'd climbed through, oh well, I'm sure that's what they are there for.



We spent the rest of the week just playing. Either with drums like the box drum his grandad made, or shaking pots full of rice or bottle tops or with the guitar. The more noise  music the better. We also quickly made skittles and bear loved knocking them down with his football.

Bear making music

Bear playing skittles

When the rain stopped we managed to get into the garden and Bear helped Grandad clear the path. He loves helping. He also found a windfall apple and spent ages washing the mud off. Bear is a fussy eater and didn't eat the apple, it was too sweet but he does love apples and I had a nice sour shop bought one that he loved. He also asked for toast this week. He never, ever asks for food so it was a surprise. We made toast together and Bear buttered and put Marmite on his. Then he sat down at the table (he hasn't done that for ages either!) and ate it all.


Bear washing mud from the apple

Marmite on toast...mmmm

Then on Thursday we were lucky to be invited to a new Portuguese restaurant to sample the menu. It's called Mae Maria on Cowbridge Road in Cardiff and the food was great.  We will definitely be going back in the New Year.  If you live near pop in and try some of the tapas. Oh and for those of you who watch BBC Wales Today, Nick Pallit was there too!


So even though we didn't go out much, my SAD is a real pain, we did have a great week. Next week we are hoping to have some dry days and then can get out and about.

Have you any plans for this week?


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