Monday 7 November 2016

New Friends and New Games


We went to Mountain View Ranch near Caerphilly this week. We have been meaning to go for ages but always ended up doing something else.
I wanted to visit but wasn't really sure what to expect and during the holidays it's not cheap so we kept putting it off and finally went on Thursday. Just in time it turns out as throughout the winter season it is closed during the week and only open at weekends. While we were there Bear made a new friend, a little girl who was the same height but almost a year older. It was lovely to see them play and hold hands, they even had a few cuddles!


We have to bribe Bear to sit in the shopping trolley and not to run around like a mad thing, luckily a punnet of raspberries keeps him happy for ages.


I can't believe that in the three days each week when we don't have him Bear changes. He speaks more and plays differently. His imagination now plays a huge part in the games he plays. Not just pushing cars around randomly but making games up. 

He is suddenly interested in cars crashing and wheels falling off, he spent ages one morning pretending to crash his bike.


Making a firework rocket with Grandad at Tots club

The weather has suddenly got colder and sunrises and sunsets are beautiful. It does mean wrapping up and spending more time indoors. Maybe we will get to do all the crafts I have planned but just don't get around to doing as we are always out. 

We are visiting Techniquest next week as they have a new exhibition, do you have any plans?



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