Monday 21 November 2016

Traffic Jams and Trumpets


I've called this weeks update Traffic Jams and Trumpets. Lets start with the traffic jams. The traffic jams are not on the journey to us in the mornings, or our journey to the shops or days out. No this is Bear, lining his cars up at the garage;

"Traffic jam" he states
"Why is there a traffic jam?" I ask
"Lights" he declares "Green! Green!" he demands

So at the tender age of two Bear has worked out that red lights cause traffic jams.

It's been a strange week. I haven't taken many photos and those I have are complete rubbish. They either don't have Bear in them or they are dark or blurred.
Top left; Christmas tree at Ikea but no Bear Top Right; Almost a photo of Bear looking at the tropical fish
Bottom Left; Bear painting, well a blurred hand Bottom right; Blurred Bear playing cars

We went to Ikea, to buy rolls of paper for Bear to paint on. They had lots of Christmas trees up but could I get a picture of Bear near one? No, every time I raised my phone he ran away. He did love looking at his reflection in the baubles though and pushing the trolley. 
Follow the arrows, I said, and don't bash into any one. He was so good. He was very careful but oh dear he understood follow the arrows as you must push the trolley over every arrow, exactly over every one, you are not allowed to go even one millimetre to the side.
This meant if someone was stood on an arrow we had to wait for them to move, if the trolley had deviated even a tiny bit we had to reverse, and shuffle until it was perfectly in line.

Bear positioning the trolley so it goes directly over the arrow


Then on Tuesday we went to Pughs Garden centre as they have a few shops on the site and Grandad wanted to look at Brantano to buy some boots. We decided to pause at the Aquarium shop for Bear to look at the fishes. Again, every time I raised the phone to grab a photo he was gone! Oh well. I did get a picture of Castell Coch.

Almost got Bear into the picture

Castell Coch, what do you mean you can't see it.

Heres a close up, see. Blurred and grey.

One good thing with Pughs, they have a farm shop and we bought some corned beef pie. Bear loved it, he ate loads!


So trumpets you are wondering, where are the trumpets? At playgroup. They always have a craft table and this week they were making elephants and the trumpets were supposed to be their trunks. The children had a different idea and just played with the trumpets.

I was surprised at how many children couldn't blow them. I know we shouldn't compare as all children develop at different rates. I know Bear can do it because he has been trying to blow a whistle for a couple of weeks and has just mastered it. The lips sealed around the end and blowing. I just didn't expect so many unable to blow.


The weather has been wet and much colder. We haven't taken Bear out and when he saw the rain he really wanted to go out. My initial thought was no but why should I say no? So I quickly dressed him in his puddle suit and wellies and soon he was outside. I sat by the open french doors, I'm not mad enough to go out in that! He loved it, jumping on his trampoline and just standing hearing the rain on his hood. It absolutely tipped down, great fun.


What else have we done this week? Bear helped make scrambled egg (no photo) and sweep the floor (no photo) and make bread, half a photo.


What's new this week?

Mostly Bear talking. He's using more than a few words to make sentences. We'd all had lunch and he'd finished his pasta Grandad asked if he'd like more, "yes" says Bear and he sees my empty plate and looks at me "Nanny want more?". How cute is that.

Bear has a wooden alphabet jigsaw puzzle. We play for short periods but its play, not teaching not testing. He picks up the letter for his first name and says his name. Then he picks up "M" and says Mummy. I show him D for Daddy and N for Nanny and G for Grandad. He also can recognise S for snake and U for umbrella. This I think is amazing but what is really clever is his sense of humour. "Which one is for Daddy?' he picks up a J and laughs shaking his head, "No" thats not a D for Daddy. He laughs and picks up another wrong letter. He thinks this is really funny and eventually will choose the correct letter and say "Daddy". He will do this with all the letters he knows too.


Oh and painting, did we get to paint on the Ikea paper roll? Yes we did but I do not have a picture of Bear painting or his artwork, just my painting when we playing a silly game with faces.


I hope you had a good week and that we get out next week and take some good photos.



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