Monday 12 September 2016

Tantrums To Smiles

Bear with the most adorable smile and wearing an appropriate hoody

Tantrums to smiles! That really does sum up this week. There will be no photos of Bears tantrums for lots of reasons, mostly that I never think to take a photo when he's having one I just think "How do I stop this!" and because this is a happy place.
Suffice to say that this week has been so very hard. I really thought that Bear must have something wrong, like an earache or sore throat but a visit to the doctors gave him the all clear. We are guessing that it is the terrible twos and teething.

At the beginning of the week we went to Roath Park where Bear had great fun in the puddles. There's a cute video at the end.

Look Nanny a puddle! 

On Wednesday Bear had had a disturbed nights sleep so we stayed close to home and went to Cwm Carn Forest. It used to be a forest drive but the Larch trees caught a disease and had to be felled so a lot of the forest is only open to walkers and cyclists. We decided to take a short walk around the lake and have coffee in the cafe afterwards. Our review will be posted soon.

I just love his cheeky grin. I was taking a few quick shots for my write up and Bear ran into shot and posed for me. What a fantastic smile that is! 

I love this picture, it's out of focus but Bear just ran in and posed

We saw a metal sculpture of a wolf and just had to get closer, not really thinking how I would get us both down I followed blindly haha

Up the big hill....

and we found the wolf

Then on Thursday we had planned to go to the beach but it was really windy and raining so instead we went to a local wood with the intention of collecting things. Leaves, flowers, cones and other interesting things but Bear said "No!" and spent most of his time screaming at us. There were a few moments of calm. We found a beetle and an old log pile.

It's a beetle, don't tread on it just watch

Watching the beetle in the woods

I wonder what he's thinking?

Time for a quick break

When I told Bear we were going to the woods he said "dark!" and looked a bit worried about it being dark. I have no idea why as we haven't been to a wood in ages but to reassure him we gave him a torch. He loved it...for about five minutes. Oh well.

Bear with his torch but it wasn't really dark enough


Whats new this week?

He has fought every nappy change. We have always managed to bribe or coerce Bear into a nappy change and he has always been compliant but now it's a real struggle. Especially if we were out he would lie still for me to do it in the most awkward places (like the boot of the car) but not anymore its a battle every time and I hate it!

He is also refusing to get dressed without a battle too, even the promise of going out and running around, or on his beloved bike hasn't worked.

He has learnt to peel a boiled egg but this does mean breakfast takes ages and I have to resist the temptation to take over.  He's practising cutting with his Tommee Tippee knife too and he can cut soft things like eggs.


He has been able to build towers with his bricks for a while now but did one eight bricks high on a carpet! How clever is that? So I remembered the Duplo and we had lots of fun building really high towers, taller than Bear.


So it's been a difficult week and we know the terrible two's are a strain on everyone but next week is a new week and we will have fun!

He found my lip salve and knew exactly what it was for. This sums up this week perfectly. Angel to monster. 


Have a great week, I hope the sun shines for us all so we can get out and play. Might even be with Bear in his PJ's if he continues to refuse getting dressed :-)

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