Monday 19 September 2016

An Indian Summer


This is my favourite photo of the week. I did get totally drenched but we really did laugh. It was about 8am and the sun was out and it was so warm. We just had to play in the sun. It looks like we are going to have an Indian Summer.
The week started cold and we really thought the Autumn had arrived so we had crumpets for breakfast and bought Bear new slippers. Then the next few days were just gorgeous. We played in the garden and went to the beach. Fabulous.

He was playing nicely and I was sat on the steps just before Bear thought it would be fun to soak me 

Mmm Hot buttered crumpet

Gruffalo slippers, fur lined. Too warm for an Indian Summer

Blowing bubbles in the early morning sun

Drawing with Grandad

Wednesday was back to Tots club. I must admit I wasn't really looking forward to it. At the end of the last term the children were getting "pushy" and the carers weren't caring. I think everyone needed a holiday. Bear was excited though and when we arrived just couldn't wait to get in. He played with everything and didn't let anyone snatch from him. He shared nicely and played quietly.
When the singing started he joined in and did ALL of sleeping bunnies! Oh it brought a small tear to my eye to see him. He really did enjoy it and I think those few weeks away has refreshed everyone as we enjoyed it too.


On Thursday we headed for the beach, Ogmore is not too far and is fun whether the tide is in or out as it has lots of rock pools. The tide was going out so there were a few streams running to the sea which meant lots of splashing fun.
It started off foggy and empty, just one man in a kayak out at sea and the beach was ours.  The sun did break through but by then we had been there a few hours and eaten our picnic. As the beach filled with people we left. It was a fabulous day we all had fun.

It's a long way to the sea





It's nice to put your feet up after all that playing

On Saturday Cardiff celebrated 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl with City of The Unexpected. I am sure it was marvelous but the crowds were dense so we only saw a little. Lots more pictures on my post City Of The Unexpected - Cardiff Celebrates Roald Dahl

giant-peach-in-Cardiff-for Roald-Dahl-celebration
The Giant Peach in Cardiff

We've put our slippers away and kept out our shades and sun lotion. I wish the summer could last forever.

Did you enjoy the sunshine? 



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