Monday 26 September 2016

Coughs,Colds and Cakes


Our weekly round-up is mostly about cakes. It's always a favourite subject of mine except this week Bear has had a cough and cold, so it's coughs, colds and cakes.

We returned to Tots last week after the summer break and although we expected Bear to catch a cold we really hoped he wouldn't. All week he has been a little bit poorly, coughing at night so disturbing his sleep and full of cold so he cannot taste anything.

We started the week at Parc Play in Cardiff to attend a coffee morning in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. Bear loved it and it is now on our must visit more often lists.

There is a dedicated fenced off area for little ones, high climbing with big slides for the older children and outside there are swings and a huge sand pit. What I loved was everywhere there were places for the adults to sit and watch their children. All of the little ones area is cushioned floor so no matter where they fall they will be OK.

They also serve snacks including very nice panini's and coffee. They allow you to bring your own food so it really can be an inexpensive day out.




Bear completely lost his appetite due to his cold so we did lots of cooking to encourage him to try what he had made. This sort of worked. He definitely ate a little more but was much more interested in scrambling eggs than eating eggs.



We love Hey Duggee, an animated children's programme on CBeebies. If you haven't discovered it watch it! It is about an after school club that earn badges. They are always so kind and helpful and very funny. We thought with all the cakes around this week we would make some of our own and earn our cake making badge. Bear loved making cakes but was not at all interested in eating them. My how to make cup cakes with a toddler gives the recipe and instructions for the easiest cup cakes ever.
We did get a bit messy and the eggs almost fell to the floor but we did end up with some very delicious cup cakes.




We did get out and about mostly to the park to go on the swings and to play football. Hopefully next week Bear will feel better and we can go out for the day.


Bear is so funny, his sense of humour is fantastic. He teases us deliberately and laughs. He also loves to soak me with water in the garden, this really makes him laugh.
This was new though. After having his nappy changed and before Grandad could stand up he climbed up onto his back and lay down saying "night, night". He then giggled and ran away.


I don't get the cwtches that I used to get when Bear was a baby but when he's feeling poorly I manage to sneak a few in. In his room he fell asleep on me and before I put him in his cot I just had to take a picture. I used flash and he didn't even stir.


What's new this week?


Bear counted 1,2

I had just got him up from his nap and he had a dummy in his mouth and one in his hand.

"How many dummies do you have?" I asked
"one, two" he counted!

What a clever Bear.

Have you been cooking with you little ones this week? What do you love to bake?



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