Friday 24 June 2016

Letter to My Grandson

Dear Bear,

I am sorry. I did my best and I voted for your future but sadly too many people thought differently and voted against me.

My role as your grandmother is to love you; care for you; to hug you when you are sad or tired; to play with you; to protect you; to leave a better place than my grandparents knew; to make you confident and strong to face these things alone; to reassure you that Dragons don't bite. Every day I do my best but I am not alone.

There is a big world out there that doesn't think like me. There are people who are scared of foreign parts and think that just maybe Dragon's live there that bite and take all our treasure. They think that we are stronger alone but I know we are stronger together. As a team, a community we are powerful.

We were teaching the Dragon to share, to not bite, to accept us all as the same. All of us having the same value and worth. That one nation isn't Greater than any other.

I hope I am wrong. That I made a mistake. That those who wanted to go it alone are the brave, fearless visionaries. I hope they do well and that you can look back and be pleased they won.

Just remember that we make our own futures. You are strong and brave and can be anything you wish. Have a dream and go for it.

Together we are Bear and Cardigan. We are strong.

Your loving Nanny




  1. This is really lovely. I hope we were both wrong and that everything will be ok. xx

    1. Thankyou and so do I. The decision is made and I really hope I made a mistake. I want this country to be prosperous and generous and fair. Let's hope that is our future.

  2. We'll have to wait for history now, to tell us whether we were wrong or not. A lovely letter.

    1. Thankyou. I was so upset and fearful for his future. Like all parents and grandparents I want the world to be his oyster and feel this has made it a much smaller place. I just hope I am wrong and thankyou so much for for comment x


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