Wednesday 29 June 2016

Caerleon, The Roman Fortress Of ISCA - A Toddler Explores


Caerleon, the Roman Fortress of ISCA, is just a few miles from Cardiff. There is an amphitheatre that could hold up to six thousand spectators, the finest remains of Roman barrack buildings in Europe and a museum. We took Bear to explore the amphitheatre and buildings. He was feeling a bit poorly as he had a cold so our visit was cut short when he got tired and we didn't get to walk the Roman walls. Maybe another day.

Parking and entrance is free and the site is buggy friendly although you would have to walk around the amphitheatre to the furthest side to get in.

Quite often you will be joined by a  legion of local school children marching as Roman soldiers. Shouting "Sin, Dex; Sin, Dex".  Left, right to all us non-Roman soldiers.

We had gone to run about in the sunshine but earlier footfalls had been to fight as the sign at the entrance clearly spells out.
"You're stood in the Porta Pompa - the ceremonial entrance to the amphitheatre. For some gladiators, their last footsteps were taken across this very walkway in front of you..."


Bear wasn't too worried, he had already chosen his favourite Roman stone and was happy that he had found a drain although it was dry.


Around the sides of the amphitheatre are the remains of buildings and this one looked very much like a kitchen. Bear liked the chimney.


Even though we had had lots of rain the site was quite dry except for one puddle that Bear found and had great fun jumping in.



Sin, Dex; Sin, Dex!
At the far side of the amphitheatre is a grassy slope that is suitable for buggies. Bear likes hills, he likes to run down them.



Bear didn't want to walk along the city walls so we headed to the Barrack buildings on the other side of the car park. Usually Bear loves to walk along the walls but he just wasn't in the mood. All around the site are explanation boards that bring the place to life.


Ruins of the Roman toilet block 

The Roman Barrack Buildings

We left the ruins and walked back to the car park where there are toilets, although very basic they were clean. There is a wooden statue called Three Romans and One Celt by Gerard Ducret. There is no explanation but it looked like rugby players to me with one sat on a sheep!

Three Romans and One Celt? Or does Bear make two?

Bear was very impressed with the stone balls outside the toilets. Luckily he knew that he shouldn't try kicking them.


We have been before and will definitely come back when Bear is feeling better. It's a great place for a stroll amongst ruins and history. I must visit the museum one day too. Although there are no facilities for a picnic it would make an ideal site as little ones can run around safely. 

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  1. My gran used to take me here when i was little, hoping to visit a few places in the area in August when i visit the uk

    1. If you do visit don't forget Caerwent down the road, that's great too. I just hope it stops raining for you x

  2. This looks like a great day out. We'll have to go. Your photos are fab. Xx


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