Monday 4 September 2017

Our Weekly Journal 4th Sept 2017 - Selfies and No Internet


Our Weekly Journal 4th Sept 2017 - Selfies and No Internet

I didn't write a journal last week, there were many reasons for that. Our internet went down and I couldn't edit any photos. I don't do a lot of editing, I just make them smaller so they load quickly. I did manage to use my phone as a modem but I was so busy writing complaint e-mails to BT that I just ran out of time. We were decorating, everything went wrong from the wallpaper not being printed correctly to the blind being a pain to fix. I couldn't even get a good selfie as Bear kept hogging it.

It wasn't all bad. We had visits from our favourite boys and we took Bear out a couple of times. His daddy is on leave at the moment so we are not having him, all back to normal next week.

We spent one afternoon at Penallta Park. It is an old slag heap from a closed colliery, and to be honest there isn't a lot there. It is mainly known for the figure of a pit pony carved into the hill. It is impossible to see though, even from the observation point it just looks like a hill and needs one eye shut and the other squinting to see a pony!

Pit pony at Penallta Park - it is there, that hill looking thing

Everywhere the soil is black and even the water in the streams is black. Bear loved playing in the water but kept asking to go to the park, so we left and found a playground for him to play in.

Bear spent ages dropping flowers into the water

Then he found a shallow stream, although we couldn't see the bottom! He loved wading along in it.

On Tuesday we took Bear to Roath Park while his brother was having baby photos taken. We had planned to go out for the day but rain put an end to that. Bear loved being in the park, he just didn't stop running and climbing for a second. He can do so much now. I am sure he is getting his confidence from the nursery he goes to on a Friday. Although we all encourage him to be adventurous, I think joining in with other children gives him the confidence to have a go. He can also sing the ABC song! Some of it he just does the sounds lol, but some are the letters.

We got caught in the rain at Roath Park, his little cheeks all red from running around

Bear is big enough to stand and use his body to make the swing move

Then he bounced on the trampoline

It wasn't all work and no play for me either. I had afternoon tea at the Celtic Manor with two blogging friends and then met up with some work colleagues at Pierre's in town for lunch. We had a lovely lunch (no photos, it was just for fun) and then we caught the bus to Cardiff Bay to see the Weeping Window at The Senedd.

Delicious afternoon tea at The Celtic Manor

Pierre's in Caroline Street Cardiff

Weeping Window at The Senedd, Cardiff

Finally there was a lot of activity fixing the box in the street that had been smashed and knocked out our internet. It's all back on now, but nothing from BT. Their customer service is absolutely awful.

Open reach fixing my internet yeah!!

Just to finish with a couple of photos of my gorgeous grandsons, and me thrown in too.

My gorgeous grandsons

"Take a nice photo of me and the baby" I said, "I never get any nice ones" Well you just have to laugh, even baby is disgusted with it!

Aww, one week old the gorgeous boy xx


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