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Our Weekly Journal 11th Sept 2017 Buses

 Our Weekly Journal 11th Sept 2017 - Buses 

It wasn't a good start to the week, the car had a problem with the rear brake lights and our local garage had told us the switch had to be replaced but this could only be done by the dealership. That wouldn't be too bad but it's two buses and they do not have courtesy cars. I had to stay indoors as we were waiting for the appliances we had borrowed for Grandads post surgery recovery to be collected.

Grandad took the car and caught two buses home, he was told to collect the car at four. We stayed in all day and Grandad went off and caught two buses to collect the car. When he arrived the car wasn't fixed, it wouldn't be ready until the next day as they were waiting for parts (isn't this always the story?) They said that they had tried to call but had the wrong number. (oh Yeah!).

The appliance people hadn't turned up either  and I was livid, completely out of character I suggested I jump on a bus and meet Grandad half way home and we could have a pint and chill. I never think to do anything spontaneously, I like it planned. It was now rush hour so it took a little while but it just made the pint taste better.


We had a lovely drink and pub meal and caught the bus home feeling very chilled. I think we need to do things on the spur of the moment more often, we always used to. I guess it's old age.

I am trying to declutter and I am being ruthless throwing out all the old junk I have kept "just incase". In Cardiff we put all our recycling into green bags, we don't have to sort it at all, it all goes in together. We only have to separate shredded paper. I have put out at least ten bags in the last two weeks and had a trip to the tip.
It is mostly Aunty S college work and my old nursing courses from 2008. Haha! Why did I even keep it all? I have also worked out the cause of global warming, plastic pockets. Every piece of paper in every file was in a plastic pocket.


We didn't have the car on Tuesday and Bear loves buses so when the dealership rang to say the car was ready we all caught the bus into town, then another out again. Bear loved it, He wasn't feeling so good, his cold and cough is taking ages to go away, so this cheered him up. He particularly loved running for the second bus.

The whole thing was too much and on the second bus he looked sleepy, and then he slept in the car all the way home.

On the bus to town

Then on the second bus and looking a bit sleepy 

And he's asleep. 
On Wednesday my instagram feed was full of children standing in front of doors in their lovely new uniform. Bear wasn't going to school but we took a photo anyway. I think he looks super cute as he is not forcing a smile.

The weather forecast was dry and sunny so we decided to try the Cardiff open top bus tour. This meant catching the bus into town again. We all loved the tour, we loved the guide and the history and Bear just loved being on the bus. 

As a treat we had lunch in McDonalds. It is such a long time since I have been in one, maybe fifteen or more years. I had no idea how to order or what to buy. I used to like the McChicken burger so I had something that looked like that (but turned out to be the thinnest wafer of chicken possible and mayo? Wheres the mayo?), Grandad had a Big Mac (where's the mayo and pickle gone?) and Bear had a Happy Meal. 

I felt so old, it reminded me of my mum many years ago on her first visit to a McDonalds. She asked for a knife and fork, she was not pleased to be told they didn't have any. I'd have loved to have seen her face when it came wrapped and not served on a plate.

I love this photo of Bear. He's not straining to smile and just looks so cute.

On the bus again

The top deck of the tour bus gives great views over the City of Cardiff


We've also been looking for a new car, the one we have is getting on a bit and soon will be out of warranty. We need something big, comfortable, that will take two baby seats and not cost a fortune to run. If only that existed.

On Sunday we visited Bear at home, he was the perfect host and offered biscuits. Each one carefully chosen, and taken from the box and presented. I also got to see the baby with his eyes open. He's a stunner.

Biscuit Nanny? 

Gorgeous boy, wide awake....

....but not for long.

We live in Cardiff, which is a city, but whenever we travel into the centre we always say we're going into town. Is this unique to Cardiff or do people who live in other cities say the same?



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  1. Looks like you had a great week and really interesting one too


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