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Our Weekly Journal 27th September 2017 - Fun at Garwnant


Our Weekly Journal 27th September 2017 - Fun at Garwnant

Every week I think that I will use less photos in our weekly journal. They take ages to resize (so that they load quickly), and then I have to label each one twice, once when I save it on my desktop, and again when I post it on the blog, it takes ages. So this week there is only one photo, well two, Ok I lied, there's hundreds. Maybe next week I'll just have one (or two).

This week theres lots, mostly taken at Garwnant. Its such a great place. If you live in South Wales then you must visit. It has a small charge for the carpark but the sculpture trail and walks are all free. It also has a visitor centre, an adventure playground  and a cafe. Something for everyone.

Bear loved the adventure playground and refused any help. this would be OK but the sign says "suitable for 7 - 14 year olds" (there is another playground for little ones). this did not deter Bear.

"I can do it!" He said "Don't help me" he said again and again. He fell off, his legs were not long enough but he did not give up.

"Do it again" he said as he ran back to the beginning

"You do not have to start again each time" I explained "Just carry on from where you got stuck"


Grandad was never more than a hand away but Bear would not have any help. I explained that his legs were too short as he wasn't 7 years old.

"Nearly 3" Yes exactly!

I wasn't allowed to help but he liked holding onto the poles so I suggested I would be a Nanny pole. He could hold onto me, but I wouldn't hold him. (it worked! He used me to stabilise or to take those huge steps down).

I can't express how proud we are of him. He is amazing at problem solving, (like his daddy). If this way doesn't work then he tries another way.

He is such a dare devil just like his Aunty S! She was, and still is, totally fearless and determined.








Garwnant isn't all playgrounds though. It has a wonderful sculpture trail and so many are very close to the car park, so after all that hard work we went in search of a Gruffalo. We found goldilocks..


and a baby bear...


Oh and then a Gruffalo, ahh, not at all scary.


On Wednesday we looked for a playground like Garwnant closer to home. We had seen that Haley Park in Cardiff had a playground but when we got there it was for 12-15 year olds! Much too big for Bear, well he climbed the slide (no pics as I was one side and Grandad the other with our hearts in our mouths) then there was a roundabout thingy with dangerous things hanging from it and a big chair. Bear thought it was great fun, but it had no straps and it went up high and then down again

"Faster, faster" Bear laughed. he loved it, but I couldn't wait to get out. We'd brought his bike so with the temptation of riding his bike we left. Never to return lol.



All that fun deserves some payback.

"Scrub the floor!"I shout as I whip the boy

"No! Nanny No!' he cries.

Actually we were in the garden and I was cleaning his water wall

"Me do it!" "OK" which lead to him scrubbing the floor, oh well, whatever makes him happy.


Just a little about me this week. We are looking for a new car and I met Donald Trump, he is now selling cars in Cardiff. I pretended to join in but made a speedy exit.
Honestly, would you buy a car from this man?


Then on Thursday I had my leg zapped. I suffer from varicose veins (like my mother) a job that entailed standing all day didn't help either. I have been waiting two years to get my leg sorted. I was petrified but it wasn't that bad.
The staff were absolutely lovely so big shout out to The Royal Glam Hospital and especially Claire on ward 1. Why did I go there you ask (seeing as it is not in Cardiff and the University Hospital Of Wales (UHW) is minutes from my doorstep and my old hospital) because UHW doesn't do this treatment.




  1. Hi Cardigan, I hear you about photos taking so much time, but some things just have to be done. I bet you have just as many photos in next weeks post too.... It's wonderful to watch a child problem solve, a Nanny post was all he needed to give him the confidence he needed to go on and give things ago. Something I hope goes on for a long time to come.... That Gruffalo is not in the least bit scary looking. In fact it looks rather cute.


  2. Keep on taking the photo's there are never enough pictures as far as I'm concerned. The park looks great. I'm wondering how far a drive it is from Monmouth to visit with my niece over a weekend


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