Sunday 4 June 2017

#MySundayPhoto number 23 London Bridge


#MySundayPhoto number 23 London Bridge

London bridge is falling down
Falling down
Falling down.............

I sang this as a child, as have thousands of children before me, and many will continue after me.

London Bridge was the scene of another terrorist attack where innocent people died. I do not know how anyone can take another's life. It truly baffles me.

London is my ancestral home. My parents, grandparents, great grandparents and onwards were born there. I have traced one line back to the mid 1700's. They lived in Bury Street, next door to the Gherkin and a stones throw from London Bridge. They must have used the old London Bridge that was the subject of the song. Then the "new" London Bridge that replaced it in 1831.

I am standing on the really new London Bridge that replaced that one in 1967. I am happy. I am a tourist, I had been in London to celebrate my great uncle and aunts 70th wedding anniversary. I have crossed this bridge many times.

My thoughts are with all of those that visited and never went home. RIP.




  1. Beautiful post, It's a place I visit many many times

    Thank you for linking up

  2. Thank you for such a lovely post. It really is so sad and tragic #MySundayPhoto

  3. What a beautiful post and very fitting tribute. London - and this area - really is one of my favourite places x

  4. Beautiful pics to go with a touching post. I still can't really believe what's happening in our world.

  5. A lovely read. Full of emotions. The attacks are heartbreaking and sad and I hope it will stop now. #mysundayphoto


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