Monday 26 June 2017

Our Weekly Journal 26th June 2017 - Heatwave and Ice Cream


Our Weekly Journal 26th June 2017 - Heatwave and Ice Cream

Our week started hot and just got hotter. It was perfect weather for paddling pools, the beach and ice cream. Bear spent so much time in the paddling pool, but all au natural so no photos for our journal. He is also great asking for the potty when he has no clothes on, he knows he mustn't wee on the floor, or in the pool and had no mishaps at all.

On Tuesday we were invited to Techniquest in Cardiff Bay, it was another hot day so we went early and as usual loved it. We were there to review a new exhibit, Virtual Reality Changing Room which was great fun.

Bear loved the exhibits and especially the water, he saw other children drying their hands on the hot air dryer and copied them. I was amazed as he usually hates it.

They also have an exhibition of artwork by Nathan Wyburn, made from Smarties. Bear tried to help himself but the smarties are all under glass.

Albert Einstein portrait made from Smarties. Bear thinks the Smarties could be put to a better use.

The hot air hand dryer holds no fear anymore. He kept going back to wet his hands so he could dry them again.

We had a look in the little shop and Bear chose a tractor. He then wanted to play with it (the nerve lol) so all my attempts to get him to pose in front of a crane outside Techniquest fell on deaf ears.

"Stand in front of the crane, Bear" Nope.

The new road to Cardiff Bay, it is empty. I'm sure it won't stay like this once people realise it is now open.

Wednesday was forecast to be very hot so we headed to the beach. We got there early and stayed a couple of hours. I didn't want to stay too long as I burn easily and I was worried Bear would burn too. We were careful and applied lotion but the sun was so fierce. It turned out that it was the hottest day in June for 40 years.

We enjoy Ogmore but the beach can be a bit muddy, this sadly turns the water a very unattractive brown. It didn't deter Bear, I had to hold him back from going far out to sea.

There were also lots of stranded jelly fish, luckily they were not the type to sting.

Off to the beach

The water is clear until it is disturbed...

After Bear has splashed in it it's a bit muddy but he doesn't mind.


Bear enjoying my ice cream

Our little surf dude - with a happy, ice cream covered face

A jelly fish washed up on the beach at Ogmore

On Thursday I was invited to review Spamalot at Cardiff Open Air Theatre in Sophia Gardens. It was so funny and definitely worth a visit.

The set of Spamalot before the show

A lovely evenings walk in Cardiff. A bit blurry due to the low light (and the fact I was still walking when I took it!).

On Sunday we had a lovely family lunch at The Captains Wife in Swanbridge. It serves a lovely lunch, an amazing platter of desserts and of course, for Bear, ice cream.

Sat on Grandads knee eating ice cream at The Captains Wife

Bear with Uncle J. at Swanbridge

We had a busy week and the humidity at times was awful, it was so hot at night that no-one slept well. I like the heat but the humidity makes me grumpy. We kept cool with paddling pools and ice cream, how did you keep cool last week?



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