Wednesday 7 June 2017

Slimming World Weigh In #22 - with 7 day meal plan


Slimming World Weigh In #22

To be honest when I started Slimming World I though I would lose a pound a week. That would make me reach my target after 42 weeks, on 24th October. At my last post, week 21 I had lost 22.5 pounds, well on schedule even after my couple of weeks naughtiness. 
To encourage me to stay on plan I am now going to include my target date in each post. I'm hoping it will drive me to work harder to get there sooner. Well that's my theory.  I am back on plan and without further pre-amble, how did I do?

How am I doing this week?

I lost 2.5 pounds, yippee! That is the weight I put on and another pound. I feel great although I am craving chocolate and biscuits but I am sure this is because I was naughty the last couple of weeks. To balance this I have been eating Müller Light yoghurts. They do not replace the crunch of a biscuit but do stop the craving for something sweet.

I have also been hungry between meals, which I haven't experienced before. I am eating a good balanced meal but want snacks before the next. This is when I have a banana or another piece of fruit or yoghurt. It really does help.

What have I eaten this week?




Salmon, pesto pasta and brocoli
Ham, rice and salad
Cold pork, cabbage, Padron peppers and chips
Baked potato with Bolognese sauce
Bacon sandwich (wholemeal bread, Laughing Cow spread instead of butter)
Roast chicken and new potatoes with salad
Cod with tomatoes & bacon, chips and salad


Pizza chicken, rice and broccoli
Sea Bass and chips
Bean chili and new potatoes
Slimming World Macaroni Cheese
Slow cooked pork with tomatoey potatoes
Smoked haddock, rice and sweetcorn


Brazil nuts or Pecan Nuts 
Müller Light Yoghurts
Greek Yoghurt

Total weight lost = 1st 11lbs
Target date = 3rd October

(Target date at a pound a week = 24th October)

Main Picture; Pizza chicken with rice and salad; Top Right anti-clockwise; Slow cooked pork with tomatoey potatoes and broccoli; Cold pork, cabbage and chips; Slimming World Macaroni Cheese; Bean Chili with boiled new potatoes; Sea Bass and chips; Ham, rice and peppers; Salmon, pesto pasta and broccoli.


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