Tuesday 1 September 2015

Baby Friendly Finger Food Recipe - 4. Chicken & Leek Burgers

Chicken and Leek Burgers
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Bear loves chicken but strips or chunks of it are sometimes a little too difficult for him to chew.  I wanted a recipe that was easy for him to hold and eat. 

These are really simple to make too. This recipe will make 4 burgers but it is easy to double and they freeze really well.

So why did I use half a breast and half an egg? I was making chicken and leek soup for our supper and just stole some of it to make these for Bears lunch tomorrow. I also added a small amount of finely chopped tarragon to half the mixture.


1/2 chicken breast 
1/2 egg 
a small piece of leek about 2" long
Tarragon or fresh herb of your choice, chopped finely (optional)
Butter and olive oil for frying


Wash the leek and chop into chunks. Mince in a food processor.

leek minced in small food processor

Fry gently in butter until soft and just going brown.

Whilst the leek is frying, dice and mince the chicken.

minced chicken in small food processor

Beat the egg and mix the leek, chicken and egg. Add any herbs if using them.


Add the oil to the pan the leeks were fried in and heat. The mixture will be quite soft and it cannot be made into patties like beef burgers so using a dessert spoon divide the mixture and drop 1/4 at a time into the hot oil. Brown both sides then turn down the heat and continue until they are cooked. 

Drain on kitchen paper, allow to cool and they can be frozen.

Bear enjoying his Chicken and Leek Burgers



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