Friday 4 September 2015

Bank Holiday Blues?

It's a bank holiday week. Whoopie! You all shout. A long weekend for everyone. 

It does mean that I only had Bear for 2 days because Monday was a bank holiday (awww) but he gets to spend an extra day with his mummy (yeahhh). 

So why the blues? 

Tuesday morning was not a good start. Bear had been up most of the night crying inconsolably. He had been holding his head and pulling his ear, not another ear infection please. 

Zombie mummy and zombie daddy dropped Bear off at just gone 7am with the request that I get him to the doctor. It's a Tuesday after a bank holiday this is going to be fun. 

So phone in hand waiting......

7.58....Too early? Shall I try? No I'll wait
7.59 I'll try now "sorry the surgery is closed blah,blah..."
7.59 and a half...wait...wait...
8.00 quick! Ring them..."beep,beep,beep!" It's engaged! Who are these lucky people that get through? Not me.

A thousand billion redials later I hear the wonderful sound;

"ring ring, ring ring. Good morning how can I help you?" 

I love this woman, if I was closer I would hug her. With a little bit of negotiation I get an appointment at 8.50. 

"Is that too early?" she asks, "No its great. I'll get my bag I'm on my way."

Bear meanwhile has drunk his bottle, eaten his Oatibix and is looking at my toast with anticipation. He certainly has an appetite. 
If you didn't know Bear you'd think he was OK but there's something not right. The way he swallows, he's not so bouncy or so loud. He wants to be carried everywhere. He doesn't want to play "walking" or "crawling" just "carrying".

He gets a thorough check by the doctor. Ears fine. Chest fine. Red sore throat. Give him regular Calpol and fluids.

Thank goodness for that, really didn't want more antibiotics and earache poor Bear.

So what's new this week?

He can stand unsupported with a ball in each hand and when he realises he isn't holding onto anything he lowers himself gently to the floor.

When he was dancing with his grandad I asked if he'd like some biscuit. Like a flash he turned his head to me with mouth open. He certainly understands biscuit.

He enjoys biting his balloon and letting go. The splash of saliva that hits his face makes him happy.

Baby with red balloon in between teeth pulling hard

His climbing is progressing well. He can climb everything in the house. Nothing is an obstacle for him, he'll soon be good enough to tackle The Old Man of Hoy! 

Baby walking along sofa

He can put the little stick men into his Galt pop up toy.

Baby with bright yellow bib playing with wooden toy

He now gives us things. He doesn't just hold them out and grip so firmly it's a battle to take them from him, no he hands us things. Everything, again and again and again...

Cause and effect. He's known this for sometime but I'm fascinated that he knows the light switch turns the lights on and off. That the door handle opens and closes the door. The buttons on the remote turn the TV on and off. He knows the correct button to turn the Playstation on. How clever is that?
baby examining Playstation remote

We are learning "hot" and "cold". On the draining board was an upturned saucepan, lovely and warm from the sun. "Hot" I say as I gently place his hand on it. He looks at me and again I say "hot". He rests his hand on the saucepan. Cold how do I do cold? Ah put some cold water in a bowl. I place his fingers in the water "cold" I say "cold". He puts his hand on the saucepan "hot" then in the water "cold". 
Feeling chuffed I lose concentration for a second. Bowl in hand he throws the water over himself. Over the worksurface. "Wet" I say.

His mummy tells me he is now the proud owner of 5 teeth. Well done Bear.

Baby putting ball into hole in toy

I know your little one is clever too, I'd love to hear what they get up to.


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