Tuesday 15 September 2015

GALT Pop-Up Toy Review

GALT pop-up toy box

I bought the GALT pop-up toy for Bear when he was 10 months old. When I opened the box I was really disappointed, it looked great but I thought that the stick men would be pushed down and lock, then pushed again to make them pop up, like an on/off button. They didn't. You have to pop them by flicking your finger across the top. The box stated 12 months+ so I thought Bear would be too young to be able to do it. I kept all the packaging to return it if Bear didn't like it. 

He loved it! He was fascinated at the little men popping out and it wasn't long before he had worked out how to do it.

He also likes to use the men as teething aids. Now he's 11 months old he can put the stick men back into the holes. A fabulous toy that Bear loves, is well made and really does encourage hand/eye coordination.

Baby in blue and white stripped romper suit chewing blue GALT pop-up toy

I bought the GALT pop-up toy from Amazon UK for £7.99. It's a great toy and at £7.99 a bargain.

*Update 20th Dec 2015 

Bear is now 14 ½ months old, he still plays with this toy every day. The paint is still intact even though he chews and bites it. He is now learning to put the correct coloured men into the right hole. Buy it!

Have you bought any toys that you thought were rubbish but your kids loved? 

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  1. This looks great, and brilliant to know he can use it before the 12 month suggestion. H is 9.5 months and I've been thinking we need more coordination toys so I might grab hat bargin! #triedtested


    1. Thankyou. It's a wonderful age isn't it? Every day they do something new.

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