Tuesday 16 February 2021

Words You'd be happy to never hear again

Words You'd be happy to never hear again

Yep, you have a list too in your head. Words, and phrases, that before 2020 meant nothing or something else altogether. These are my top 7


I'd be happy if this was just a distant memory and only muttered by historians, like Mackbeth on stage. 


A word that was just a name, but now has multiple meanings such as liar, bad eyesight, they think they're better than us and so forth. Always used as an insult.


I had only heard this in relation to gun massacres in schools in USA or riots in prisons. Now we use it daily for all of us, well those that follow the rules.

R Number

WE KNOW WHAT IT MEANS! Sorry to shout but after hearing this and an explanation multiple times a day since March, I do not want to hear it again. For those of you who have been in solitary confinement its the number of rabbits produced in a week if a male and female rabbit are left alone; such as R1.2 is 1200 more rabbits.

Test & Trace

This was going to be the envy of the world - true the world watches on with their mouths open, in disbelief, not at it's wonder but that a government could pay a mate to design something so bad and so useless for so much money. It's going to be renamed Waste & Farce.

Social Distance

Remember how uncomfortable it was when someone invaded your personal space? That was about a foot (30cms to you youngsters). Now we have to stand 2 metres away from everyone, including those we'd usually hug such as friends and family.
You are allowed to measure 2 metres with any measuring tool you wish. Some think it means touching when getting something from a supermarket shelf, others shout across the street. I'll be glad when 2 metres is six foot six inches again.


Used to mean someone alone, probably on some remote Scottish Island having the best time of their lives. Now it means that you must stay at home if you are the hoi poloi (you and me) but you can get on a train, travel a couple of hundred miles, talk to your colleagues and travel back next day if you are a SMP. You can drive to Durham from London if you are a govt advisor (see Cummings above) and have a little holiday.


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