Tuesday 28 April 2020

The Reality Of Lockdown 2020

The reality of lock down in our house. I use the grandchildren as my excuse why the place is cluttered with toys and dirty fingerprints, while they are not here I would expect it to be clear of clutter and sparkling, when in fact it is messier than ever.

The dining room table is usually clear of clutter with just a vase of flowers that I've moved from the living room to avoid accidents. 

We use the table a lot for crafts and meals and I always tidy it afterwards. Now it is full of boxes, a lamp, alcohol hand gel, binoculars and tools. There's also two hangers, a compass and underneath an extension lead and an empty bucket. The towels and tea towel can't be put away as there are more boxes in front of the cupboard they live in. 

Some of the stuff is ongoing projects (tools) we would normally put them away each time to prevent little noses poking in, followed by busy fingers. The compass and binoculars are from trying to see the Starlink satellites, and failing miserably. 

My iPad has been dumped there by me, later I will be searching for that! I never leave it out as I'm sure Bear would download a zillion games.

Boxes - I have bought so much lately, from crafting stuff to essentials. I think the boxes will come in handy but actually they just clutter up the place. I must do a post about my online shopping sprees, I get brilliant ideas and then just spend, spend, spend.

You may have noticed the box of chocolates, we never leave chocolates out as Bee is dairy intolerant and it would be mean.

Behind the boxes and the lemonade bottles (I like a gin and lemonade and imagine if it ran out!), is the cupboard that I keep my kitchen towels in. I can't get near it. 

There's another tool box and the vacuum cleaner. It's a cordless Shark. I love, love, love it! I bought it when my Black and Decker one broke (I think the little one dropped it and cracked the dust collector. I did try to get a spare part but gave up) anyway, back to the Shark - it was reduced on Amazon and I'm never using a corded vacuum again. Mind you, I haven't used this for ages. No crisps or dropped cereal to quickly remove before it gets trodden everywhere.

In front of that a bag of charcoal. Bought a few days ago before the weather turned colder.

The living room is also a mess. There are more chocolates, a coffee cup (again would not be left because of the milk in it), tissues, some books and wrappers. An amp to go with the guitar that's leaning against the sofa. Also some important but boring letters than need to be filed. I'm using the excuse that they have to be left for 72 hours/days/years or something, to be safe from coronavirus.
A Which? magazine doing the same, a dressing gown and other junk under and on it.

So that is reality for me. Having an extra ten hours a day, not providing child care, hasn't resulted in a sparkling tidy home but it's still a happy, safe and contented one.

Stay safe. Stay home and sod the housework!


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