Saturday 14 March 2020

Ben 10 Transforming Omni-Cycle Review

Ben 10 Transforming Omni-Cycle Review*

Bear often asks me when are we going to have a toy to "take pictures of" and I have to tell him that I don't know. I turn down many reviews because I don't think he, or his little brother Bee, would like them. When I was asked if we'd like to review the Ben10 Transforming Omni-Cycle I knew Bear would love it.

We collect him from school each day and I thought it would be a great toy to play with while he waited for his parents.

Ben's transforming omni-cycle comes complete with Rustbuggy Ben. Ben Tennyson is a 10 year old who discovers a mysterious alien watch known as the Omnitrix. It allows him to change into any one of ten different heroes. Ben travels all over the country with his Grandpa Max and cousin Gwen, in their mobile home - The Rustbucket. Ben puts on his racing gear and he is ready to take on the bad guys. Nothing can stop him, his cycle is great off road, and when it gets too bumpy, a quick transformation and it's a flying machine.

With a few twists and pulls, a push and hey! the cycle is transformed to a flying machine. Bear quickly worked out how to do it and took pleasure in showing anyone who would listen.

It's an all terrain cycle. Ben is ready for any adventures and can't wait to go

From cycle to flying machine
Just a few steps are needed to take the omni-cycle from cycle to flying machine. First remove Ben, twist the wheels, click a bit here or maybe there?  Let Bear show you, it's not for adults, it's for kids.

Bear shows how easy it is to transform.

A twist, a click and a turn and Hey presto!

A flying machine.

What do you like best? I asked
Everything! he replied with a huge grin
If you had to chose one thing? 
I love it most when it's a flying machine.

So Bear likes everything. I love it too. It's well made and even with little fingers it transforms easily. Nothing feels like it's about to snap or break. He's played with it for a couple of weeks now and it's still intact and a favourite. I also love that it is child powered, no batteries needed here!

Ben 10 Omni-Cycle is suitable for children 4+ and is  available from all good toy shops and costs £19.99 from Amazon.

*We were given this toy for the purpose of a review. All opinions are honest and our own.

I'd like to thank my daughter-in-law for taking most of the pictures in this review. Just after we received the toy Bear's Grandad was rushed to hospital - he fine now and recovering at home. If you have a minute pop over to twinklinpixi3 on instagram and say hi.


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