Sunday 12 January 2020

A Modern Fairy Story - The Princess, The Boy and The Dragon

Once Upon A Time there was a boy. He was born into a loving and powerful family.

His brother was kind, quiet and thoughtful whilst he was loud, naughty and fun. They loved each other and they loved their family.

They were happy, kind boys. They didn't know they were different to everyone else, until one terrible day when their mother was killed by a relentless, hate filled, dragon.

The whole land mourned. She was loved by all who saw her or knew her. The boys were overwhelmed, why would a dragon want to kill their mother? Would they be next?

The funeral came and went, they remember little of it. Just a blur though tears, keeping a stiff upper lip, but they were just boys, small boys.

They now realised that they were different, that they were the evil dragons favourite food. They would be hunted and attacked where ever they went and whatever they did.

The brother put his head down and and kept out of the path of the dragon, The Boy couldn't.

The Boy liked parties, he liked being naughty. He was a rebel. It was easy for the dragon to seek him out as he looked a little different to his family, the dragon couldn't catch him but at each attack the dragon left more wounds, scars and heartache.

The Boy wanted to be like his brother, he wanted to be good so the dragon wouldn't hurt him. He thought if he could get away for a short time he would recover and be able to fight the dragon again.
The Boy joined the army and went across the sea to fight the evil ones.
Although it was dangerous, he loved it. He loved the teamwork, he loved that his colleagues were just as funny and crazy as him. He felt safe.

One day his world crashed down around him. The dragon had found him, it was threatening to attack him with no regard for his new friends. If he stayed they would get hurt - maybe die. So he went home.

The Boy tried to be like his brother, he became a "good boy" but it was hard and he wasn't happy. One day, while walking in an enchanted forest, he met a princess. A beautiful, kind and happy princess. They fell in love.

The Princess, like him, was a little different, she was from another world. Her friends and family warned her that being too close to The Boy could mean she would get hurt by the dragon too. The Princess didn't listen. She was in love, the dragon couldn't hurt her.

The Princess and The Boy were married, she tried so hard to fit in with his family and his world but the rules were so different. Every time she got it right, or made a mistake the dragon would swoop, breathing fire and singeing her hair.

They had a baby, the Princess didn't want the baby to go outside, she wanted to keep him safe and hidden from the dragon. The Princess tried to protect her family but every day the dragon got closer, and more vicious.

The Boy and the Princess hatched a plan, they would run away back to her world. Where dragons are passive and live far away in the mountains.

The Boy's family was sad that they had gone. They said they were ready to listen, to help deal with the dragon, but it was too late. The Boy didn't want to go home. The Boy didn't go home.

The Boy, the Princess and the baby lived happily ever after.

The End


*This is a fairy story, no-one lives happily ever after in the real world. Any resemblance to people living or dead is pure coincidence.


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