Monday 19 November 2018

Crate Creatures Surprise Blizz- Review


Crate Creatures Surprise Blizz- Review

Christmas is such a busy time for us and we are asked to review* lots of toys. We only say yes to those I think Bear or Bee will love, sometimes we get so excited we shout YES! Crate Creatures was one of these. We didn't know who we were getting - would we love it?

We were sent Blizz. A creature from the frozen land of Icicia. No matter how hard he tries, he can't get out of his crate! Can Bear release him?

Crate Creatures Surprise

There are six Crate Creatures, each has a different story. Blizz is from the frozen land of Icicia. He is trapped in a crate and can't get out! The crate is locked, with a heavy chain and a big padlock and is covered with warnings. This End Up. Caution!!! Warning! Do Not Pull Tongue.
Do not pull tongue? A bright red tongue sticks out through the grill on the crate. Bear pulls.

Blizz shakes, his eyes light up and he makes suitable angry monster noises - Bear is impressed.

Then he goes about releasing him from the crate. There is a crow bar attached to the side of the crate, Bear uses it to unlock the padlock and pushes the end into the lock on the lid.......



Blizz pops up, Bear is surprised and then laughs. He spends ages putting Blizz back into the crate, locking him in and releasing him. While he does this I have a quick look at the instructions and see what else he does.

Blizz has over forty five sounds and effects. He snores and growls and makes lots of strange creature sounds. Lay him down and he snores, shake him and he growls.

He repeats what you say - just a squeeze on his tummy - say a phrase - and Blizz repeats in a strange voice

Pull his tongue and his eyes flash, and he makes adorable and (sometimes monster like) noises.

Feed him his icelolly and he he makes slurping noises.

The Surprise

Each Crate Creature has a surprise, all slightly different. With Blizz if you push his tail down, his arms move, do it quickly and they thrash.

Push the crowbar in and the lid will pop open...

Boo! Blizz pops up and surprises Bear.

Bear talks to Blizz, and Blizz repeats what he says - in a strange, creature like voice

Yum yum! Loving the ice lolly
Blizz has lots of lovely features, he has a broken nail on his toe and finger (trying to escape from the crate?). He has a ring through his nose and his eyes light up. He is very, very soft. His purrings, snoring and noises are so cute too.

He has an off switch hidden under his fur but if left alone he sleeps and turns off so batteries are not wasted. He also comes complete with batteries so is ready to go.

Awww broken toe nail

Crate Creatures are great toys, a perfect gift for Christmas. They feel well made and have lots of features. Bear loved recording his voice, over and over and really loved the chain. He wore it as a belt for ages haha!

Blizz and all the Crate Creatures are suitable for 4+ and can be bought from Smyths Toys and other good toy retailers. Blizz costs £39.99 but is on offer at the time of writing for £31.99

*We were sent a Crate Creature for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.



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