Monday 12 November 2018

I'm Fed Up With Cleaning - Can I stop now please?


I'm Fed Up With Cleaning - Can I stop now please?

I don’t know about you but I’m fed up with cleaning. It was fun but now I'm bored with it. Also I have to keep doing it. When I didn't polish everything to within an inch of it's life, I didn't care about the odd fingerprint. I didn't even notice them. Now everything is shiny I have to polish, polish, polish! I wonder why I do it. I dust, I polish, I sweep but it just gets dirty again.

It's Mrs Hinch's fault. She quickly rose to fame with her perfectly clean house and her unique use of every cleaning product that smelt. I didn’t want to use all the chemicals she used, but still found myself cleaning anything that stood still.

I'm polishing everything until it shines. Taps, toaster, kettle, you name it. If it has a glossy finish I'm there with my polishing cloth. And that’s my point, I don't want to do it anymore.

What’s the point anyway? The kettle didn’t boil water faster, or suddenly make the coffee. It showed no gratitude for all my hard work. Once it was shining and looking lovely it became too posh to boil, it died. Did I kill my kettle with over polishing?

I'm so done with cleaning - can I stop now please? Can I stop polishing my taps and dusting the TV stand? I hate washing the floors and scrubbing the shower. I don't want to clean, what can I do?

Obviously I can't stop cleaning, my house would quickly become uninhabitable. If I can't avoid it, can I make it easier?

Possibly. I made a list, I like lists.

My 5 Golden Rules to make cleaning easier.  

1. Stop being a perfectionist. Things get dusty and dirty, so what? One fingerprint will not end the world. I know, I know but I like it clean and shiny.

2. Stop watching other people clean perfectly clean houses - they are unique. That means there is only one of them so you stand no chance of being as good. She has children, how does she do it? Are they locked in a cupboard under the stairs? Is her name really Mrs Dursley?

3. Declutter, declutter, declutter - This is the foundation of making cleaning easy, so I'll say it again - declutter.

Empty every room of junk. Remember one person's junk is another person's gold (or something) so anything of value sell, or give to charity. I'm told that you can sell anything on eBay, even worn out smelly shoes - yuck.

I've decluttered the bedroom, the kitchen and the dining room. I'm starting on the room we jokingly call "the study" It's a dumping ground. I'm going in........

4. Have stuff that works for you - OK I admit, there's nothing that takes cleaning away, (except maybe a live in maid?) but there are things that make it easier. These are my favourites;

Dishwasher - just chuck it all in and kitchen is tidy.

Microfibre cloths - a while back I bought a pack and even wrote about them them. If (like me) you'd rather read about cleaning than do cleaning, you can read it here. I have a cloth in the bathroom, I have one in the downstairs toilet, one in the kitchen. If I see a spill, I wipe it there and then. A fingerprint? Reach for the nearest cloth and wipe - gone. It saves hours later trying to get the stains and dried stuff off.

Cordless vacuum cleaner - Mine wasn't very expensive, not one of those that cost £££££ but I love it.  Always ready and no cables. It also weighs nothing so is a breeze to carry. I'd love a robot vacuum cleaner. Can you imagine? Just sit there and occasionally lift your feet for it to pass by - bliss.

5. Give everything a name* - While Dave is doing the dusting maybe I can be on Facebook?

*Doesn't work, believe me you still have to do the work and name the blinking tools!

So it's 4 rules then, that makes it a lot easier to remember. Do you have any tips? Anything at all?



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