Friday 24 August 2018

A Toddler Explores Fforest Fawr Sculpture Trail - Revisited


A Toddler Explores Fforest Fawr Sculpture Trail - Revisited

Since I wrote about our visit to Fforest Fawr a couple of years ago they have added new sculptures. I thought it was time to revisit and find the Three Bears Cave that we failed to find the first time. It should be noted that Bear is not a toddler anymore, but soon Bee will be; so I have kept the series A Toddler explores.

Fforest Fawr is woodland with a sculpture trail just north of Castell Coch in South Wales. Parking and entrance is free at Fforest Fawr, so it is a good place to visit during the holidays when everything costs so much.


The day we went it was drizzling with rain, but Bear was getting restless and a run around a wood with a ball seemed like a good idea. The trees protect the paths, so light rain doesn't even reach the woodland floor so we stayed dry.


We were delighted to see the old sculptures had been saved and new ones added. We had a buggy with us so took the woodland path, the main path is loose gravel and didn't look easy to navigate. I think we'll try it again with our new all terrain stroller when we get a chance.
Some of the sculptures have a little information board that Bear liked to pretend to read


After we had found all the sculptures we headed for the Three Bears Cave. This is not easy to find if you are not on the main path where it is sign posted. I used a map on my phone to locate the cave and then Bear and I explored.


I think it was his favourite bit, especially as its fenced off and he had to duck under the fence to get access.

There are steps going down but no hand rails and they are not maintained. We found it easy enough to get down and back but beware it's fenced for a reason and care should be taken.

Are there bears in the cave? Only one Bear!

Mind the steps!

This is just a flavour of the trail, see if you can find the treasure chest, owls, wizards, otters and more. Combined with a visit to Castell Coch and a picnic it makes a great day out.



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