Monday 20 August 2018

Happy First Birthday Bee

Happy Birthday Bee! Photo courtesy of makeup pixi3

Happy First Birthday Bee

It was Bee's first birthday on Saturday. He's one! How quickly the time flies. We were up at the crack of dawn (literally) baking bread and making food for the party. Bee's mummy needed everything dairy, soya and oats free so he (and she) could eat anything.

All was going well, the weather had been wonderful and the supermarket order was placed. Then as the day got closer the rain, mostly drizzle, came. The garden party had to be moved indoors and a gazebo bought. The house is a little too small for the children to play with all the adult in it so a gazebo and a sandpit saved the day.

Then the day before the party, the food delivery was messed up so that meant all hands on deck, and we of course pitched in and made sandwiches, coleslaw and so on. The food did look amazing and with the gorgeous birthday cake that mummy made, we had lots of compliments.

All ready to go and just in the nick of time

We arrived early to help and I entertained Bear with washing patio furniture and filling the sand pit with sand. 

"Team work" beamed Bear, yes team work I thought as I frantically tried to stop him pouring water all over his clothes, or use a whole bottle of cleaner to wash each chair or tip the sand onto the grass. Team work, I laughed deep, very deep inside.

The rain continued and Bee went for a nap, he had only half an hour before the first guests arrived and he was then awake, well half awake.

Sleepy, birthday boy 

Bee is such a poppet, he was go good tempered even though he was shattered and he wasn't sure about all the noise and people. Sadly as we all had to squeeze in the dining room, I didn't get any really good pictures of the Happy Birthday song and cake, it was a little dark. Bee loved his first birthday cake. He loved the fruit, he loved the cake. 

Bear complained it had jam in it but mummy had kept a bit without so even Bear ate some cake.


We were surrounded by friends and family, as a birthday party should be. We were all exhausted but had a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Bee

Lots of love and kisses 

Nanny and Grandad



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  1. Oh wow! The last year has flown over. It doesn't seem two minutes since Bee was born. It sounds like a lovely birthday x


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