Saturday 28 April 2018

Our Weekly Journal - Catch up, Spa and Colds


Our Weekly Journal - Catch up, Spa and Colds

It’s been a few weeks since my last journal, a combination of both Bear and Bee being poorly (nasty, nasty virus), time whizzing by and inertia, in the guise of Minecraft. If you have never played Minecraft Do.Not.Start! It sucks all your time and energy. If you have played, you know exactly what I mean.

We have been so busy and all my boys were ill. They were supposed to go to Ireland for Easter but Bear had a temperature of 40+, and many visits to the out of hours doctors.

One little gripe (and I am a huge supporter of the NHS, having worked in it for over thirty years) what has happened to our GP services? A three year old with a temperature of forty (not responding to Calpol) had to wait from six in the evening to ten past midnight to see a doctor.

It was an awful night with torrential rain, roads were flooded and had to drive thirty minutes to get to the out of hours doctors. How do people manage who have no transport? Is this why our A&E departments are overstretched? I am not suggesting that GPs have to do home visits, but why can't we have out of hours at their surgery rather than a hospital fifteen miles away?

Both Bear and Bee were so ill, and their daddy too, that I stayed for three nights. Even with me helping poor Mummy was run ragged, she was so exhausted as at two in the morning a sick boy just wants his mummy, not his Nanny.

We couldn't let Bear miss his Easter egg hunt so he had it a few days early (still hoping that they would get to Ireland for Easter) that never happened so they went four days later when everyone felt a little better.

our-weekly-journal-catch-up-boy collecting-easter-eggs

While they were away having fun with their Irish family I was treated to my first Spa day. We went to the Spa at the Park Plaza in Cardiff city centre. It was a birthday present from my daughter. I loved it! I can't wait to do it again. If you haven't tried one, then you must. 

We swam, we sat in the hot tub (wow, that was so hot! Not sure what I was expecting lol). I had a back and shoulder massage, and a facial. It was so relaxing. 


When Bear returned from holiday he was so well, he had a fantastic time playing outside every day with his cousins, and then we had a mini heat wave. Lots of walks and an ice-cream to finish the day. We found new sculptures at Garwnant and Forest Farm (new posts coming soon!)


The weather then changed, much colder and wet too, but it didn't stop us getting out. Bear was absolutely delighted to be met from pre-school with his new JD Bug scooter from, we had to go to the park, have lunch and back to the park (please Nanny!) so he could ride it again and again. 
We have to drive to collect him (from our house to his pre-school is over six miles) but it would be great for the school run. I quite fancy one for me too!


Mummy had her written driving test on Tuesday so we had Bear and Bee together. The first time having both for more than an hour or two. Bee is such a little darling, he even had a nap in his pram for us. Bear was good too, he is struggling a little with sharing us with Bee, but he will settle when it becomes routine.

Mummy passed! 

So now just have to wait until her test in June, it will make a huge difference to them if they have two cars and both can drive. It is my only regret that I never learnt to drive.


On Breakfast a few weeks ago I saw someone explaining about C25K (couch to 5K) an app to get you off the couch, out the house and training to be able to jog 5K. Grandad and I have tried to get fitter, we want to be able to keep up with Bear (and Bee) and to be able to walk more. So we duly downloaded the app, and realised we weren't even fit enough for the couch! 

We started walking every day, just a few kilometres but slowly that stopped because it was raining, or we were tired, busy and so on. Then last Tuesday someone posted on our community Facebook page asking for a partner to do the C25K. 

She was totally unfit and wanted a walking/running partner. I volunteered, and so did many others. Within half an hour we had our own C25K Facebook page and within an hour or two had 158 members! 

We were lucky to have some serious runners who would help us get started so on Wednesday forty people of all ages and abilities met for the first time. 

We jogged/walked for almost three kilometres. It was a great feeling, some met up again on Friday and I did my second session this morning. 

I am sure I will stick with this as doing it with a group is so much easier. They are encouraging, motivational and fun. 


Oh and I almost forgot, on Thursday it was our 44th wedding anniversary. We have been so busy we both forgot! Next year we must remember and celebrate.


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  1. I can't believe so many of you joined that running group! I am doing couch to 5k too because i've signed up for race for life in July... It's hard after the one minute increments! I repeat days because i am no where near fit enough to have followed the app i have straight off...that's with doing 2 other exercise classes a week! Well done for doing it you feel buzzy after? i always do. which is why i still do it...even though i don't love it at the time!

    Also Park Plaza is one of my fav places for a spa day...they are so good. Lush daughter-mummy time!


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