Monday 30 April 2018

Forest Farm Nature Reserve- A Toddler Explores


Forest Farm Nature Reserve- A Toddler Explores

We are very lucky to live in Cardiff, there is so much to visit. We love the castles, museums and parks  but it can be months between each visit. We hadn't been to Forest Farm since last Autumn when we took Bear on his bike and he rode off with me running like an idiot behind shouting for him to stop. He did eventually!

"Too fast Nanny!" he explained "bike wouldn't stop".

It was a very cold day a few weeks ago when we decided to go back, this time without his bike!

Grandad remembers when Forest Farm was just that, a farm and surrounded by fields. When we first arrived in Cardiff in the mid 1970s Grandad helped to plant over 22,000 trees in the fields. Now we have a wonderful place to ride our bikes (it connects with the Taff Trail), watch kingfishers and generally enjoy the great outdoors.

Forest Farm Nature Reserve is located just off junction 32 of the M4 and only a quarter of a mile from Whitchurch Village.

Right next to the car park is a little adventure park with sculptures. Theres everything from a giant to a butterfly.




Amongst the sculptures are balance beams and stepping stones. Bear loves to climb and walk on anything raised above the floor. There's also a willow tunnel that will be great in the summer when it is covered with leaves.



Bear loves to explore. Where the tree had fallen (the wood for the giant came from a fallen tree) he found all sorts of bugs and this great big bone. I'm guessing it's a thigh bone of a cow? It seems too big for a sheep and too small for a giant!




Further along, near the wardens office, is another little path. It leads to the orchard and a hide. When we were there we saw lots of common birds such as tits, but I was told that in another hide near the canal it's possible to see kingfishers too.

There was a wind up speaker, that intermitantly played bird song. It was hard to wind but Bear enjoyed the effort.




There is so much to do, and all free. If the wardens are on site they are friendly and willing to share their knowledge. You can safely cycle, or walk, all the way to Brecon or Cardiff Bay from here as it is on the traffic free Taff Trail.

We can't wait to go back in the summer and have a picnic.



It's always a good sign to see Bear with a stick. This means he's had the best day ever!

Thanks to Cardiff Mummy Says for inspiration to go back here even though it was freezing!


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  1. Forest Farm looks like a beautiful place to explore. I love all the different sculptures and the wind-up speaker playing bird song is such a lovely idea. Bear looks like he had lots of fun x


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