On this page you will find a link to all our walks. Try some yourself or if South Wales is too far to travel take a virtual walk with us.

Each week we will do a walk in South Wales and post it here. We are starting with short easy walks and will slowly get more adventurous as we regain our fitness and our mountain skills.

Some walks I know we will never do again, because they are too hard for us retired softies, we hate them (Craig Fan Ddu is one) or we have done them too often (like Pen Y Fan) but I will write about them and add them here as they are still good walks to do.

Just a word of warning, we did get lost once. We were walking in the Black Mountain and it was a lovely sunny day. The weather forecast was good with perfect visibility forecast all day. Then the weather drew in, it suddenly became foggy with torrential rain and hail and we couldn't see more than a foot in front of us.
We had all the gear, GPS, compass, paper maps but we both wear glasses and couldn't see any of it because of the rain. As quickly as we wiped our glasses to see they were covered again.

The Black Mountain is featureless, no well trodden paths, no walls to follow, just moorland. We did mange eventually to see the compass and got safely off the mountain but it frightened us and we didn't walk there again for months. So if you are going into the mountains be prepared. The mountains in South Wales may not be high but the weather is unpredictable and people have died on them. They are so tough that the SAS train there.

Some walks will be in more than one category, because depending on what route you take depends on it's difficulty. There are many routes to the summit of Pen Y Fan those from the car park are easy/moderate whilst the route via Neuadd Reservoir is challenging.

I hope you enjoy our walks and it inspires you to get out and walk somewhere near you.

General Posts About Walking

A Walk In The Mountains - An Introduction

Easy Walks

Llwyn Celyn Whips - Forest walk with views over Cardiff
Garwnant- The Wern Walk A walk in the Brecon Beacons foothills

Moderate Walks

A Walk Up Sugar Loaf A popular four mile walk near Abergavenny

Challenging Walks

A Walk In Waterfall Country - Sgwd Clun Gwyn and Sgwd Yr Eira  - Lots of steps and ups and downs but beautiful waterfalls too. Even one you can walk behind.


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