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I am an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to Genealogy and researching my family tree. I have made every mistake possible, wasted hours chasing the wrong branch and spent loads of money on my hobby. When I first thought of writing a blog I always wanted part of it to record my family tree. I also wanted to share my knowledge and tips in one place.

I have started a series of posts to help anyone with an interest get started in researching their family tree. I intend to add a post weekly. As I write posts I will link them here so don't forget to pop back and have a look for any new posts.

I am happy to link your Family Tree tips and guides that I think would be useful to my readers. All I ask is you add my badge to your post to link back to me. Just drop me an email with the details.

Getting Started

The Golden Rules Of Family History Research

18 Questions To Ask Your Grandparents Before It's Too Late

How To Start A Family Tree

How to Break Through Brick Walls In Your Family Tree

Understanding The Census for Family History Beginners

Coming Soon

Tips For Reading Old Handwriting


Family Bibles and Other Personal Documents

Military Records

Immigration and Emigration

My Family

Just a Piece Of Rock

My Cousin - First President of Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club

The Battle of Crete

Mick The Amazing WWI Dog

The Black Sheep of the Family - Thomas Aldridge Sturdy

A Postcard From The Past

A Letter to My Great Great Grandmother

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