Wednesday 9 May 2018

The Wenallt, Cardiff - Not Just Bluebells


The Wenallt, Cardiff - Not Just Bluebells (although they are gorgeous)

If you read any guide on where is best to see bluebells in Cardiff (or in fact in South Wales) the Wenallt will always be in the top ten, probably number one or two. 
At the beginning of May the woods are transformed and a carpet of mauve appears. If the weather is kind and the sun shines the bluebells will glow. 

It is a popular place for dog walkers and photographers alike, but what else is there?

This May Bank holiday was the warmest on record, the sun shone and all the bluebells that had been in tight bud opened. I wanted to take Bear there to take some photos but we found so much more.

1. Take a Picnic

There are a couple of picnic tables and benches scattered across the area. When we went after the bank holiday the bins were overflowing so please take your rubbish home as a wonderful site quickly becomes a rubbish tip. Bear loves a picnic so he was thrilled.

2. Play Football

Near the carpark is a big field. The grass is long and full of mole hills and rabbit holes but we found a great spot for a kick about


3. Swing on a rope swing

If you wander down any of the waymarked paths eventually you will find a rope swing (or two or more). Check they are sturdy before committing your weight and off you go! Bear loved having a go but only for a short time as the rope hurt his hands.


4. Find a Fairy Door

Many of the trees are old and it didn't take long before Bear found a fairy door.

"Look Nanny" he called "a real fairy door"


5. Find a Huge Hollow Tree

Continue your search and you may find a huge hollow tree. One side was a hole just large enough for Bear to crawl into. Around the back the hole was massive! Big enough for me to go in with him. Great fun.



6. Look for Fungus

You do not have to look hard or far to find fungus. It is always fascinating for children especially if the bracts are huge.


7. Climbing on logs

Again due to the age of the trees there are always lots of fallen trees giving lots of opportunities to clamber over them, or balance and walk along them.


 8. Jump across a stream

There are a few streams flowing across the footpaths, some have stepping stones but all need to be jumped over.


9. Discover writing on a tree

Next to a main footpath is a tree with words carved into it. Most of the words are unreadable due to the tree growing and distorting the writing. I do not know what it says, all I could read was;

....carved work here has been treated with wound ...... protected tree


10. Enjoy the Bluebells

While you are searching for fairy doors, trying to read words carved into wood, jumping streams, walking on logs, having a swing .... take time to pause and enjoy the beautiful bluebells. They are amazing.




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