Thursday 10 May 2018

Shark Bite, Let's Go Fishing and Mr Bucket Toy Review


Shark Bite, Let's Go Fishing and Mr Bucket Toy Review

We were approached by Pressman Toys and asked if we would like to review* some of their games. Yes! We shouted, we would love to.

Bear has had his eye on Shark Bite and Mr Bucket for a while. Bear also loves fishing games (I made a really simple magnetic one ages ago that he still loves to play with).

We were sent Shark Bite, Let's Go Fishing and Mr Bucket to review. All the games are a fun way to help develop hand eye coordination. Which was our favourite?

Shark Bite


The aim of the game is to set the shark, fill it with sea creatures and then take it in turns to throw a die and fish each creature out without setting the shark off and it biting you. This game doesn't require batteries so was ready to go in seconds

We found that the shark didn't bite very often and more than once we had taken all the creatures out without it going off. I'm not sure if it was just our one or if this is how it is. I would have preferred it to have bitten more often as this is what caused the most laughter.


When I lost concentration, I hooked a creature, pulled with my hand inside the sharks mouth, and BHAM! The shark bit my hand. Bear thought it was hilarious. Surprisingly it didn't hurt at all, so even though it looks like it will give you a nip it doesn't, just the popping up scared the pants off us!

We loved this game! The build quality was very good and the mechanism strong. In fact, Bear needed a little help to reset the shark once it had bitten.

I was surprised that we only had one fishing rod and had to share but this did mean we took it in turns and it didn't become a free for all. The die is blank and come with stickers. Bear loved putting the stickers on and they stick really well.

Verdict: Great game, we loved it. Lots of laughter and easy to play.

Let's Go Fishing


The aim of the game is to hook as many fish as you can while they revolve around on a base, opening and closing their mouths. The winner is whoever catches the most fish.

Sounds simple but this was so hard! I was complete rubbish at it and failed to catch a single fish without cheating. The rods pivot and so you have to catch a moving fish, that closes its mouth when it gets near you with a rod that has a mind of its own. So I held the rod so it was rigid and still failed miserably.


Bear, who is three, didn't seem to have the same problem and was catching fish left, right and centre. The game states that it is for 4+ but I think many children of that age would have a problem catching the fish, or maybe I'm just rubbish at it.

Verdict: Great game but quite hard to do. Requires batteries.

Mr Bucket


The aim of the game is to get your three balls into Mr Bucket before anyone else gets theirs in, and before Mr Bucket spits them out.

Firstly Mr Bucket has to be put together, this is a job for an adult as the pieces need to be assembled in the right order and in a certain way. Once it is together it is a really easy, albeit exhausting, game to play. It comes with twelve balls in four colours and four scoops to pick up the balls. The scoops were amazing, they easily picked up the balls and due to their design the balls stayed on the scoops until tipped into the bucket. A great game and well designed.

Mr Bucket takes three batteries and needs a smooth surface to run around on with lots of space. Laminate or vinyl is the best but he worked quite well on our short pile carpet. He runs around the floor moving his arms up and down and spitting balls out in all directions with some speed and force. Mr Bucket stops if he hits something and when you pick him up.

Verdict: Bear loved this game, I think it was his favourite. It was too energetic for me, chasing after a bucket trying to get my balls in, definitely should have an upper age limit on it! It was really good fun, and a game a child could play alone.

We loved reviewing these games. They gave us lots of fun and laughter on a very wet spring day. They would be perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers Christmas or birthday list (Let's Go Fishing for slightly older children).

Our versions were sent from America but they are all available from stores in the UK and online.  Prices vary but as of writing the games cost Shark Bite £24.99, Lets Go Fishing £16.38  and Mr Bucket £14.99.

*Disclaimer- We were sent these games for the purpose of a review. All opinions are honest and our own

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