Monday 5 March 2018

Our Weekly Journal - The Beast From The East Brings Snow


Our Weekly Journal - The Beast From The East Brings Snow

How are you all? Did you have lots of snow? In Cardiff we were warned that the snow fall would be as bad as 1982. I remember that year well as I was almost nine months pregnant when the snow fell and couldn't get out the house for over a week. The drifts were up to three meters high. Luckily my son decided he wanted to stay warm and cosy, tucked up inside and didn't make an appearance until two weeks after his due date.

And 2018? Well The Beast From the East and Storm Emma brought snow - fine drifting snow. It also brought freezing weather, temperatures fell to minus five but it felt like minus fifteen with the wind chill.
Snow threatened on Wednesday and fell overnight and continued through Thursday and Friday. We were only stuck in the house for two days as the roads cleared really quickly. I think we were lucky because the weather warmed up and the snow melted. Bear went home on Wednesday evening and I didn't see him again until Sunday.

Bear and Bee live over the mountain, in Caerphilly. We usually use the country lanes and mountain road to get to their house, there are more major roads but even if they were cleared we just can't get the car off the estate. It is very hilly and we live a couple of roads away from the bus route - so no gritters ever get near us.



Bear is an absolute star. He is just so adorable - as he gets older he just gets more loveable, how that is possible I do not now.

He told me his first joke this week, if you follow me on twitter you will have heard it!

Bear - Nanny, ask me if I can say "No"

Me - Can you say no?

Bear - No! (and then he falls over in fits of giggles)


We are very lucky that we often get products sent to us to review on the blog. Bear loves it when they arrive and especially if they are toys for him. I tell him I will be taking photos, so he has to wait until I say before he opens any packaging, but his response is totally his own. My reviews are based on his reaction to the toys.

This week we received a box with some lovely Easter Disney products to review. Bear was so excited and he waited patiently. Then he pulled the first soft toy out - and gave it the biggest hug. That was a winner!


The next was a box with a SpiderMan toy - look at his face. He can just about contain his excitement. Next week we will be fully reviewing the box which also contained a few craft items so don't forget to come back to see what we created.


Wednesday evening, the snow was being blown in our direction. The neighbours drive across the road was almost clear of snow.


We woke up to a thin covering of snow with more falling and drifting, so cancelled our visit to Bear's house and instead watched the cars struggle to get off the estate.



I made frequent visits to the garden to melt the ice, put down food and clear the snow for the birds. This blackbird was grateful for my effort.



We were suffering from cabin fever and I really wanted to see what the roads were like so we walked to our local Waitrose. This is usually a ten to fifteen minute walk there (and twenty back up the hill!). 

The main roads were clear and four by fours were heading to and from the lane. 

What I really hate is that the roads are quickly cleared but the pavements are left to be totally treacherous. Its OK when there is little traffic as we can walk in the road, but as it gets busier that option is not on.

I wish I had a mini snow plough and could push it all back into the road!

I was surprised at how many people were out walking and clearing snow. This picture reminded me of a painting by Lowry.


The road is clear but the pavement is piled high. This will take days to melt.


The neighbours all got together and cleared the snow from their drives, my husband helped but I must admit I didn't join in. I did encourage them from the garden though.


On Sunday Bear and Bee came for a quick visit. Bee had his first play in a ball pit and I managed a few photos of Bear playing in what was left of the snow.




So was it as bad as 1982? Not for us, we were lucky that the temperature rose quickly and so the snow stopped and what had fallen quickly melted. It was lovely to see my resident blackbirds too, they had survived and so had my Great Tit. We have a Great Tit that taps on the kitchen window, I am sure he sees a reflection of himself and is attacking it rather than asking to come in. He was here this morning too, so glad he survived.

How was it where you are?



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