Friday 16 March 2018

Get Creative at Easter with the Disney Store

Get Creative at Easter with the Disney Store

The Disney Store sent* us a surprise box for Easter. Bear and I were so excited! What would it contain? Chocolate eggs maybe? Or something different? Bear loved opening the box, and in between oohs and ahhs and cuddles asking "What's this?" "What's it for?" and the usual "Why?".

Easter means different things to different people. For some it's a religious time, all about the original meaning of the holiday. Going to church and celebrating the miracle of Easter.
For others, like us, it is about eggs (of course), family having time together and getting creative.

In the UK it also often marks the change from winter weather to warmer sunnier spring weather (I live in hope with all fingers crossed). Daffodils and baby animals feature heavily, especially rabbits and chicks! A new beginning.

So what did we get in the box?

Whats in the box?
We love a cuddly toy, and we had two. One for Bear and one for Bee. The first out of the box was a character that I didn't know. When I asked my friends they all knew, they were very jealous too, as they love this character - do you know who he is?
Bear loved him too, all dressed up in his Easter Bunny outfit, who couldn't love that? Secondly, two characters that are instantly recognisable to everyone including me, Pooh and Piglet, in their gorgeous raincoats. They know British weather too well!


Who's this looking so cute as an Easter Bunny? Are you right? Answer at the end of the post.
Everyone knows and loves Pooh Bear and Piglet too

Then a box with Bears favourite Marvel character, Spider-man. It includes a figurine of Spider-man and felt tip pens and is designed to be coloured in. Bear couldn't wait so I let him do it without any instructions. I think it is important to let them just do things, without an adults eye on how it should be done.

🎶 Spider-man, Spider-man does whatever a spider can 🎶

Bears interpretation is unique.

Unique - being the only existing one of its type or, more generally, unusual, or special in some way. 

All his own work :-)

Next out of the box were a Disney spatula, Mickey Mouse cupcake cases and Mickey Mouse cookie cutters. This only meant one thing, baking! Bear loves to bake, he doesn't usually eat the cakes he makes but enjoys the mixing and decorating. He also loves chocolate so our first bake was Easter Nest Cup Cakes. We used fluffy chicks to decorate and chocolate sprinkles for the nest. I think Bear ate as much chocolate as he spread on the cakes!

Disney Store Mickey Mouse cupcake cases make perfect cakes to decorate for Easter (have you noticed the one at the back? Bear just had to have a taste)

Easter chick and nest cup cake - all Bears own work

We hadn't tried making biscuits before so I thought we'd make some biscuits that Bears mummy and Bee could eat. That meant they had to be dairy and soya (and oats) free. I decided on shortbread and just changed the butter for dairy-free spread. It's such an easy recipe to do too. They turned out quite delicious, not as crumbly or buttery but still very moreish. Also to cut down on the mess from helping hands, I prepared everything while Bear was at school. This did mean he didn't get to do the weighing but cookies mean rolling and that's lots of fun too.

All ready for little hands - let's see what mess he gets into with this!

The beating of the spread and sugar wasn't too messy, now to add the flour, mix with the Disney spatula and get his hands in there
Whilst rolling cookie dough is an art....

.....cutting with Disney Store Mickey Mouse cutters is child's play!

I love these shapes- look at those hands! Pricked by Bear (why does shortbread have this? I don't know) and sprinkled with sugar

They turned out so much better than I dreamt they could - all ready for an Easter picnic I think

Mmmm which to choose?

Bear cleaning up while I rest

Bee loved his! Thank you Bear and Bees mummy, Makeup-pixi3 for the pic xx 

Thank you Disney Store, we loved this box of Easter treats, and not a chocolate egg in sight! There is so much more to Easter than eggs and your little ones can be creative too. Everything we used, and so much more, is on the Disney Store Easter website, don't forget to pop over and have a look.

Answer - It's a lovable alien, Stitch of course. Stitch costs £15 or is on offer on-line until 25th March at £7.99 when you spend £10 or more

Other items

Pooh and Piglet soft toy  £15
Disney Mickey Mouse baking spatula  £3.99
Disney Mickey Mouse cookie cutters  £3.99
Disney Mickey Mouse cupcake cases  £1.99
Marvel Spider-man figural colouring set  £10

*Disclosure - We were sent these products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own




  1. What a lovely treat to receive. Love the Disney Store. Those biscuits look fab - well done Bear! X

  2. This box of treats looks amazing, what a perfect way to celebrate Easter!


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