Monday 26 February 2018

Our Weekly Journal - Days Out and Minecraft


Our Weekly Journal - Days Out and Minecraft

I may have to change this series to Our Monthly Journal! It is ages since I last posted, for many reasons.
I have had a few coughs and colds, my SAD makes me lethargic but we have been busy and I will catch up in a minute.

I have a confession - Minecraft. I'm not a spotty teenager sat in my room, I'm a Granny! And I'm hooked. If I'm not out and about with Bear I am playing Minecraft. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but there you go, I'm hooked!
So what have we been up to? Bear is going to pre-school in the mornings so we collect him and then have the afternoons free. If it's raining we stay in and do crafts like Play Doh, painting and some DIY.   If it's dry we go out, sometimes just to the park, sometimes further.

Bears sense of logic and humour is really showing through. We collected him from school and there was a huge puddle that just drew him in, like a magnet.

Bears Logic Number One

"Don't go in the water!" I called "You'll ruin your school shoes and trousers"
Bear bends down and pulls up his trousers and in he goes. "See Nanny? My trousers are fine"





Bear helping Grandad saw some wood

We have also been out to eat a few times, sometimes with Bear and sometimes without. We have been very lucky this month and had at least one meal a week out. From burgers to afternoon tea.



The weather has been variable to say the least. We have had rain, sunshine and snow. OK, the snow was only a little flurry but Bear and I enjoyed walking in it.

The weather forecast this week is freezing (-10 or more) with "The Beast From The East", winds from Siberia, bringing snow to all of the UK.

We are told it may be worse than 1982. I remember 1982, Bears daddy was born in the February. The snow had drifted up to ten feet deep and I didn't leave the house for over a week. I have no idea how we would have managed if he had come early rather than three weeks late. Looking at the sunshine today it's hard to believe that it will snow.


As soon as the sun shines, or the rain stops, we have been out and about. To local parks, like Morgan Jones Park in Caerphilly where they have these fantastic rubbish bins.  


We have been to Cardiff Bay a few times. It's a destination in its own right but also has events and displays on show. The most recent was the LEGO Animal Safari. Life-size models of wild animals made entirely from LEGO bricks.

It also takes us two buses to get there. Bear just loves going on the bus and he hasn't stopped asking to go on a "bendy bus". We only have them on a couple of routes in Cardiff, to the Bay and to Ely, a residential area. We needed a warm day, not every bus is a bendy bus so we didn't know how long we would have to wait for one. so as soon as the sun shone and the temperature was decent we caught the bus to town. It was a double-decker so we went upstairs. Bear was over the moon! Upstairs on the "tall" bus. Then the bendy bus which was "awesome" a walk around the beautiful Pier Head Building (free to enter) and as a last minute decision, we jumped onto a boat for a tour around the Bay.

Bears Logic Number Two

"What's that in the water Nanny?"
"That's a buoy"

Bear looks sideways at me with a cheeky grin

"No....what is it really?"

"Honestly, it's a buoy"

"Stop teasing, it cant be a boy, it has no hands or head"

We then had lunch in Bills and caught two buses home.

It was a great day but it wore Bear out. He loved it but kept saying "I'm so tired" he still wouldn't nap though.



What's that Nanny?

They used to send children up chimneys to clean them, you are just the right size.

What about Bee?

Well,  he is just a little poppet. He is blowing raspberries and babbling away. He cries when he sees Grandad (Oh dear, haha, makes me laugh that Grandad is so scary) and has been crawling for a few weeks. He is now six months old and cannot sit unaided, but like his aunty, he is too busy crawling to bother with all that stationary stuff! She walked at seven and a half months, he may be the same.

When Bee spends time with us starting in May there will be lots more of him on the blog. At the moment he mostly sleeps or feeds, he has just started weaning and is loving it. Mummy is doing baby led weaning so expect lots of pics of messy faces.


Bear cuddling a Teddy from Personally Presented, sent to me* for my Mothers Day Gift Guide which will go live in the next few days (Minecraft allowing haha)

Bear had an upset tummy on Saturday so we looked after him while his Mummy and Daddy visited friends. It's a long time since I have had so many lovely cuddles but I wish it wasn't because he was poorly.

*Disclosure- we get sent gifts to review, all opinions are honest and our own. My gift guide is now live, check it out here.



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