Saturday 18 November 2017

Easy To Grow Paper White Daffodils for Christmas


Easy To Grow Paper White Daffodils for Christmas

We all love fresh flowers and especially love having them in the house at Christmas, Paper Whites are easy to grow, look wonderful and have a scent that reminds me of honey. To be precise they are Narcissi, but are commonly called daffodils.
They are bulbs and the packet states a set distance to plant apart and that they will flower six weeks after planting. As they will only be used once, the distance apart isn't important. Just fill a pot and lightly cover the bulbs with compost. I planted mine on 15th October and they were almost in bloom by the 10th November. I had mine in the unheated green house but a cool corner of a room would be fine. I brought them into the house and within a day or two they were in full bloom. If you'd like fresh flowers for Christmas plant now.

Only four weeks after planting and the Paper Whites are in bud - still time to plant for a Christmas display

Bear loved the sweet scent too

Beautiful flowers and each stem has lots of blooms




  1. christmas or not, i would love to have these flowers by the window in my room. they are so beautiful and sure to make my day even more pleasant. thank you for posting

  2. Love this so nice to have white for Christmas and yellow for Spring!


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