Christmas Made Easy


Christmas Made Easy

Next year I am going to plan Christmas. I'm fed up of leaving it all to the last minute and being so stressed about it that I don't get time to enjoy the run up.

Some people like to plan everything, and some wing it. That's fine but this year I found it stressful and looking at social media I see lots of others in the same boat too so I've started an email subscription.

I'll send out alerts to remind you (and me of course!) to do things. Like order the turkey, write the cards, post the cards and so on. They'll be no more last minute shopping or staying up past midnight on Christmas Eve to wrap presents. Let's spread the prep across the year so Christmas is for fun.

You can read more here -Christmas Made Easy .

UPDATE - May 2018

Sadly I have decided to stop this newsletter. New laws governing how personal information is collected and stored have come into force in the EU (GDPR) and I must admit I do not really understand it all. To save myself falling foul of this I have decided not to have a subscription via email. Anyone who has signed up will have a goodbye email and their details deleted.



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