Tuesday 11 September 2018

Micralite Festival Fastfold Stroller - Review


Micralite Festival Fastfold Stroller - Review*

I first saw the Festival Fastfold stroller on Micralite's instagram feed and instantly wanted one, so I was delighted to be given* one to review. We had been looking for a new stroller for Bee as Bears old one was hard to push, pulling to one side, making trips out hard work.

Now I know we shouldn't care, but looks matter. The Micralite Festival Fastfold Stroller is gorgeous. It has a vivid turqouise seat and frame, with a complimentary jazzy hood. It looks good and we have received lots of compliments, but what is it like as a stroller?

The Micralite Festival Fastfold Stroller is gorgeous - it certainly attracts compliments.
Everyone looks for a different feature as their priority, one of mine is storage. The Micralite Festival Fastfold Stroller has a good sized basket that is easy to access. It does have a strap across the middle which restricts the individual size of anything but I easily put a portable potty in (and it was just as easy to get out) and still had space for wellies, shopping and so on.
It also has two small pockets on the side of the hood, these are great for smaller items such as a purse, phone or a few snacks.



The Micralite Festival Fastfold Stroller was designed by engineers with the priority on a stroller that was easy to fold and unfold. It has a couple of buttons and levers to open and close. At first I really struggled with closing it. 

I watched the videos, read the instructions but just couldn't do it one handed. It would fold but not enough to apply the clasp. It needed a big squeeze before it would lock. The more it was opened and closed though, the easier it became. The fabric is quite stiff when new, so as it softens the stroller folds easier. 


Even without the clasp locked the stroller folds up small and is then completely free standing. I love that it balances on it's big back and smaller front wheels, no more leaning a stroller on the car or at the bus stop, and watching it slide to the floor and you can't do anything as your hands are full. It even can be pushed when it's folded.

The Micralite Festival fits into our car boot no problem, but if you have a smaller car (we have a Kia Carens) the big rear wheels are quickly detached. Just a squeeze on a spring and they are off, a push and they're back on. They can then just lay flat on top.


The rear wheels are pneumatic, they are large and take the bounce and jarring out of rough terrain. With the hammock like seat, this makes a very comfortable ride. A pump is included as standard and in in over a month of constant use we haven't needed it. 

When empty the stroller feels a little unstable, once Bee was in it, it felt great. The balance is designed so it can be easily tilted onto the rear wheels and pushed over very rough terrain. 

Bee loved it, he was sat up high and had nothing obscuring his view. The seat goes up and down easily with a light touch on the bar at the back, best I've ever seen. Sadly it doesn't recline fully (so is only recommended from 6 months) so isn't perfect for naps.

Another design feature I love is the handle. It adjusts to suit any height with the flick of a clip. The handle is a single piece which makes pushing it one handed a breeze. I have never had a stroller that was so easy to push, in fact it's so good I rarely get to push it now as grandad loves it too.


The brakes are very effective and so simple. A rod sits in grooves on each wheel hub and the wheels are then locked. The bar is across the width of the stroller so no hunting with your foot to find the brake.


The storm cover is included and is beautifully made. It drapes over the open hood and in a sudden shower that's all you need to do. It does have zips to hold it in place to stop the wind and little feet, lifting it off.


The bottom of the storm cover is supposed to be held in place with little elastic loops, that should be pulled over lugs under the frame near the front wheels. I couldn't do it on an empty stroller so knew I'd have no chance once Bee was in it kicking the cover. I didn't bother, it really didn't make any difference and the cover stayed in place no problem.

Ther storm cover has a zipped front, so as soon as the rain stops the cover can be undone and folded back, no need to take it off.



Finally, manouverability. This is the easiest stroller I have ever tried. We have had budget strollers and expensive travel systems and nothing comes close. I managed to push it up steps one handed, along pavements, through woods and across fields. I didn't need two hands for any of it. It just glides.

It turns on a sixpence, it tackles tree roots and rocks as if they weren't there. Loose surfaces such as bark chippings and gravel are as easy as pie too.

I really can't express what a joy this is. No more dragging buggies backwards or two people carrying them when the terrain get rough. This tackles everything.



Loose surfaces such as bark chippings 


Day's out,  childs play!


Narrow aisles when out shopping.


How do I know it's comfortable? I asked the experts.

I thought the lack of a foot rest may be a problem with older children. We recently had a day out at Dan Yr Ogof  and we always take a stroller incase Bear gets tired, he's way too big to be carried far. We decided to take the Micralite Festival Fastfold stroller as we love it, and just hoped Bear would like it too.

Bear couldn't wait to jump in when given the chance, and strapped himself in. The harness is so easy to do, no tangles or juggling with loose ends.

"Do you like the new buggy?"

A nod, a smile "it's very nice and comft'ble" declared Bear.

"And Grandad? Is it hard to push with a big boy in it?" I asked

"It's a dream, glides as if it's empty"

So the experts have spoken, they love it. And Bee? Just look at his face!



The Micralite Festival Fastfold is a lovely stroller. It looks good, moves easily and is great for all types of terrain. Out of the box you can see and feel the quality and the beautiful design. We love it and it is now our go to buggy.

It costs £400 and can be purchased directly from the Micralite website.

Pop over to their website to see their range and up to date prices. Be warned, you will love it and want one!

*Disclaimer - we were given the stroller for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and our own.


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